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  1. Gonna be some New Year’s Day with all these “first signings”.
  2. Might take the boy to this one. Wonder if anyone else has thought about doing the same.
  3. Bloke could have signed for any team in the world but wanted to come home. Scored 206 goals and saved us from the shit countless of times. If he’s getting grief then no one is safe.
  4. Think if we’d had a full pre season under Howe we’d have probably won the Leeds, Southampton and Watford games, plus it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that we’d have picked up points against Wolves, West Ham etc
  5. At home vs the lowest rank team in the competition please
  6. If we can get someone of the calibre of Dean Henderson on a 6 month loan with an obligation to buy if we stay up then it’s a no brainier.
  7. They still do one and give a new one to every fan each game. 700,000 clappers a year must be class for the environment
  8. Was he injured yesterday?
  9. That dinked ball in to Wilson reminded me of Bellamy’s first in the 3-0 over Villa in 01/02. Superb. Other than that, it was a pretty frustrating game from him.
  10. It’s also a great reminder about the time he posted a photo of himself getting a haircut during lockdown
  11. Reading their match thread on us and it seems they’ve turned on Dyche. If Cornet is out for a significant period of time it’s pretty crap news for them.
  12. He’s had a poor year but I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. A consistent run of games under Howe and I think he’ll thrive.
  13. Only changes I would consider would be Hayden and Fernandez in for Willock and Lascelles, but would be more than happy if he went same team. Can’t see him dropping the skipper anyway.
  14. Could do with a tactical yellow in the next game. If he’s going to miss one, it may as well be Liverpool or Man City
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