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  1. I sat in the very back row of the upper tier for the Euro 2020 semi final and the view was superb. I genuinely don’t think there’s a bad seat in the stadium.
  2. Almost like Pep was bored of winning with KDB in his team so thought he’d change it just for the craic.
  3. Sounds like the squad have been given a bit of time off as a few of the players were at the airport this morning on various flights.
  4. Starting to see the fact that we’re really working with a squad of 14/15 players. We have no depth in the squad and that’s going to take another couple of years to sort. It’s remarkable that we are where we are considering we’ve got a got first XI and not much else.
  5. This lad’s gonna be good after some proper Howe coaching.
  6. Looked leggy as fuck. Just a hazard of having a good first XI but a poor squad. Give it a year or two and we’ll have added some proper depth and we’ll put games like this to bed regularly.
  7. Be nice if he actually tried like.
  8. Just se en the red card. Literally throttled someone. Should be an extra game if you ask me
  9. Can’t rely on arsenal for anything ffs
  10. Have absolutely no doubt whatsoever he’ll join our coaching staff when he retires.
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