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  1. Finished 1-9 up away to Nettleham in the cup. Women's Super League attendance record also broken at Arsenal vs Tottenham. 47,367 Obviously it helps there is no prem but still very impressive!
  2. I englished good. I meant I could see them going for Rafa as an interim and if he isn't interested going for Dyche. They need a steady hand to stop the downward slide to the championship.
  3. Yes. Minor knock according to Howe. Will be back for Fulham.
  4. I think they will turn to Rafa and then Dyche as interim to stabilize them.
  5. One club has billions in hush money to spend and can be competitive at the top of the table and in Europe. The other looks financially fucked and on a negative downwards spiral. Brentford likely have a ceiling but it would be a gamble going to Leicester for Frank. Edit: on top of that. Leicester reportedly have to pay Rodgers 16m if they sack him,plus extra for his staff. Likely not far off 16m to get Frank and his staff. I don't think they can afford that. Or if they do it will mean a fire sale in January with the likes of Barnes and Maddison.
  6. We don't have enough of the top tier quality to unlock the defences like today. The whole game had the energy sapped out of the crowd and players with the minutes silence and lack of music/atmosphere. Our players were decidedly poor regardless and a bit more worryingly not as motivated. There is a borderline between being patient and calm and just going nowhere. Likewise being overcommited and losing the ball and paying for it. We were in the Grey area of shitness of both today. We need another 3/4 quality players to really push on. Real shame Anderson was injured, this could have been his game off the bench. Let's hope Jonjo is back soon. I can't handle more of willock he is one of the minority that has gone backwards under Howe. I just don't think he can handle the rigorous instructions he is given and looked better under Bruce who basically just told him to go out and play. Almiron just can't play out right anymore. Every team can handle him and know he is a right winger.
  7. A point closer to safety! Hopefully. 2 points dropped with no excuses of VAR or poor officiating to fall back on.
  8. He is off the pitch that's ridiculous stopping play.
  9. Honestly the brain process of some of our players sometimes.
  10. It doesn't help its at least his 3rd best position. We desperately needed and need a proper right winger. Fraser was good with Trippier too. Give him a go back on the left.
  11. I can confirm we are throwing wood on the dumpster fire.
  12. We are turning back into that mid table team that plays up to top 6 teams and is inconsistent as fuck against everyone else. On the upside that's an improvement to where we were. Just not nearly enough.
  13. Fuck off. Because you have scored a goal from that far out before willock. ..frantically searches to see if he actually has.
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