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  1. Have a hard time sympathizing with Gayle. He had ample opportunities to leave but turned moves down due to money. He is just a part of two handfuls of players that would have been shipped out under rafa or a competent manager and are simply no better than premiership squad players at best.
  2. toontownman


    Yep, not a DM because he generally shirks the defensive side of his game and not an AM because he would rather go sideways, backwards recede into himself or pass rather than get into the box and give it a go. Somewhere he can hold up the ball, dribble 5-10 yards and pass it short neatly and he is golden.
  3. Probably says it all.... Newcastle United 1-1 Leeds United: Steve Bruce 'delighted' with fight to get draw https://www.bbc.com/sport/av/football/58605442 Newcastle United 1-1 Leeds United: Marcelo Bielsa not satisfied with draw at Newcastle https://www.bbc.com/sport/av/football/58605441
  4. Shit attempts on the first two goals when he did.
  5. But we are such a nothing club. Not even a half way club. I think a better manager could certainly be getting more out of the players. Ashley will continue to hope the media and crowd will turn on Bruce and push him to resign rather than sacking him. I don't know he will have a choice though. We will be bottom soon enough. Ironically there were periods of the game we did fine, were well organized as much as we could have been and the gulf in class between the teams players were obvious. Likely exactly what he will say in his press conference. Usual rhetoric from him b
  6. https://www.nufc.co.uk/news/latest-news/caldwell-concludes-interim-role/ Aye. I'd imagine a combination of being "too expensive" a hire and some degree of common sense/self worth was involved. Shame, it's a clear path to becoming our next first team manager after Bruce.
  7. Clearly the money saved from Choudhurys loan fee and wages are earmarked for Bruce's compensation when they have to sack him. They just hope he walks first.
  8. Will be the making of the lad. Will feature heavily for us off the bench in the Championship.
  9. Mike likes a gamble. - Might be a breakthrough in the Takeover - then its not his problem - Maybe Jones Bruce manages to keep the club up with no spend and we aren't relegated by christmas - He has to sack Bruce between now and Christmas so why back him to get players the next fool that takes over won't want. Save some more pennies to give to the poor sod that comes next. ROLL DEM DICE
  10. Imagine Bruce is eating a late night Kebab in his chair thinking... "Wait you mean I actually have to coach the players I have now? How does that work? where do I start? Order another donair me thinks.."
  11. I feel literally zero anger. Absolute hilarity if anything, twinged with apathy. A depressing and damning indictment of what most of our fanbase had been driven to this past decade and then some.
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