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  1. Fraser could have done much more or even stay here if we could offload Ritchie much earlier. Both of them are kinda offering very similar stuff on and off the pitch, and personally I rate Fraser higher than Ritchie.
  2. I would also want out if I got such a treatment from those fans
  3. Maddison won’t be sold this window. No chance Leicester would risk their survival battle at this moment. Summer would be another story.
  4. Zero

    Callum Wilson

    I would say he is a streaky poacher
  5. We won’t let him go this window. No chance. That said, I do feel that he or his agent wants to move away, probably due to no longer in the starting eleven after injury
  6. the player is right to change his mind. Who knows whether the next manager would play him or not?
  7. Aye. I remember other than Terrier there is also a French young winger with huge potential in Lique 1
  8. Tbh I would prefer to test Brightons valuation on Mitoma and offer 50m. Troussard won’t turn Arsenal down for us.
  9. Suggest some players that are available this window that could give us the answer at around 50m? I can’t think of much. Probably Harrison
  10. It all comes down to the question whether he is willing to listen to Howe and strictly follow his instructions.
  11. Price is fine. Worth the gamble. and tbh he is probably the very few ones we could get in this window.
  12. it’s more about the “type of player” that fits Howe’s tactics, and how Diaby plays in bundesliga. I know Gordon is a cunt. I know he is quite raw (or limited) that needs a lot of work. But from what I see from his game, his work rate and his defensive contribution are pretty impressive. He does fit well with Howes high line pressing tactics, and I know he would listen to Howe - this move is his lifeline. I think the comparison with Bellamy is spot on. If the quoted fee (35m + add on ) is real, then at worst it’s an upgrade on Murphy, at best he could be a solid starter. His home-grown status could be useful for future Europe completion as well. He is currently not good enough to change the game on his own, and needs to play in a system that he can fit in. I don’t think he is just an one-season wonder. For Diaby, I just want to ask, what’s the success rate of an Bundesliga attacking players joining other top leagues? He is fucking quick, rapid, with great dribbling. But I can assure you that he offers close to nothing on the defensive side, and his decision making is just unbelievably poor. He is NOT an upgrade for ASM. I don’t understand why any team would consider paying anything more than 50m for him. He could probably thrive in La Liga, but definitely not in EPL.
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