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  1. I don’t care anymore. Next. Secure Bruno and Burn and move on to other positions.
  2. This is a no-goer. Same as Gosens, just the players agent trying to force other big clubs to make the move now. The player himself has no interest to join us at this moment. Move on
  3. Zero

    Sven Botman

    I feel like the new owner wants to get the reputation of being able to spending money wisely.
  4. Zero

    Chris Wood

    He is exactly the buffer we needed. He can fill in the gap for Wilson these few months and is a decent back up striker in the coming seasons. Great singing imo
  5. So you guys do think that we are doing fine this window and it’s acceptable and reasonable that we can only bring in Trippier, hoping for an unproven striker to save our ass. Fine. I will pray for the club then.
  6. Then sign someone else, even some who is better than Clark would do it. buffer man, we need buffer.
  7. Then tell me why could Watford bring in a few bodies already?
  8. If you are using game theory then tell me what should you do if you know the most likely outcome is both sides dragged to the final day and we are either going to relegate with a shit squad, or paying ridiculous fees? or how about find other sellers earlier and let them know we have choices and it’s all or nothing for them?
  9. Lille keep on adjusting the price base on our transfer news every day. Just like someone said if we already get Carlos, who give a shit for Botman? If I am Lille I will try to sell Botman to Newcastle “when his value is the highest in Newcastle’s shoes”. That’s why we fucking need to secure some before the window opens. That’s the buffer man...every one know we don’t now.
  10. you genuinely think we should field out this team against Watford before the window opens?
  11. It makes the matter worse and worse man. The later you make the bid the higher the cost it would be. Before Jan if you throw 40m to Lille I guarantee you Botman would be here already. Now they are waiting for 50m, or even 60m at 31 Jan. I ain’t asking several class or marquee signings but at least some bodies that are capable to do a short-term job, cover several key areas etc so that we aren’t in such a bad shape aka now. This is not about poker. This is simply project management. We have absolutely no buffer now.
  12. I said we need to secure a few signings before the window opens or else we would be in trouble. And some people asking where’s my diapers. See? Every team are holding us ransom now. That’s the consequence.
  13. Zero

    Transfer rumours

    That’s pretty much my opinion as well. I prefer Carlos over Botman. Won’t mind to have both though.
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