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  1. I was there logging on at school because I didn't have a home pc haha
  2. I'm managing Doncaster Rovers ATM, Villica is obscene at this level. 2nd heading to Christmas time.
  3. La Parka

    Joe Willock

    He's very much a final third player. His strengths lie in smart off the ball movement and fast counters. He's wasted further back, but is having to play there out of necessity. We desperately need a midfielder to sit with Shelvey and give him freedom to roam.
  4. Willock is such a confidence player. Playmaker socks are down. Lets go.
  5. Willock is half arsing it was. Jow is fucked. And longstaff is on. Relegation, let's go.
  6. Think we are losing here. Showing nothing positive at all.
  7. Chop chop choppity chop. Chop off the bottom , chop off the top.
  8. Brookes has cancer IRL I think
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