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  1. Why you don't rate Wilson?
  2. Strawberry

    Joe Willock

    He will be some player for years to come.
  3. Do people get upset if they sponser the stadium and call it [email protected] james's. If they promise to expand it.
  4. Wish he came on the time Fraser came on.
  5. A dream signing in many ways.
  6. If we manage to get Isak somehow I would be so happy but no idea we have a chance.
  7. For me Willock is a starter regardless of who we get he is growing a lot and he will only get better in the future.
  8. I love Maddison and it would be great to have him here but comparing him with Paquata is just wrong. Paquata is a complete footballer.
  9. Barnes is so good. I would sign him over Diaby. I know many will go mad with this statement.
  10. Dennis over Cornet for sure.
  11. Well it was fun while it is lasted.
  12. The team needs a striker more than anything else. How can some of the fans are comfortable with Wilson with his injury record going to the new season as a main man?
  13. Willock should be 8 or 8.5 Picked by Howe for praise as well.
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