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  1. I saw it in the odd checker. https://www.oddschecker.com/football/football-specials/newcastle/next-permanent-manager
  2. Roberto Martinez odds on favorite right now. Flurry of activities on him in the last couple of hours.
  3. Hire Gerard and we will be relegated.
  4. Strawberry

    Steve Bruce

    Should just give Jones the opportunity.
  5. It is not off or it is not closer to happen either. This settlement thing is a wishful thinking. I hate saying this on the positive thread but this week development is a big setback let's not sugar coat it.
  6. I am usually postive but even those words are not giving me any hope. Even when the takeover happen I will be num for a while. I have lots of scare to show of with this saga.
  7. Strawberry

    Isaac Hayden

    He should be the football club captain.
  8. It is not like they will confirm it is true if it is true. not a fan of MOTT i blocked him on twitter
  9. Thats really idiotic from Ashley part. He needs to concentrate on how the takeover can be over the line. Typical of him he would like to gamble on our future.
  10. Surely it is because Westham plays Europa league the previous Thursday.
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