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  1. Calvert-Lewin?, no thanks.
  2. Yeah whether you pay all up front or in instalments over time makes no difference to FFP.
  3. Just get a head start by going now. You can give up your U.K citizenship once they go independent. Then when you come back over as an illegal we can send you to Rwanda
  4. Not sure what the point of thread titles even is anymore. Any news about Botman at all?
  5. Then elected a corpse in the hope he'd do nowt at all and hes somehow managed to be the worst ever
  6. Wasn't Bruno supposed to be Arsenals big midfield target? Seem to remember some of their fans saying they could do better.
  7. Great to see that cretin unhappy.
  8. Took it away from Joelinton as well, he's actively stopping us from scoring goals at this point.
  9. The rage over Musk taking over Twitter is just wonderful. I didn't used to like the guy until now
  10. I wish that would happen, because I'd definitely prefer Burnley to stay up. But I'm not expecting it, Burnley have 4 points from the last 6 games. Can they get 4 points from the next 2 games at home?, its possible but its really unlikely IMO.
  11. The ref disallowed it himself initially, VAR corrected that so not sure why people are pissing all over VAR like
  12. They aren't big enough clubs to go their unless someone suddenly decides to throw money at them. Also I'm not sure if it necessarily will wear their fans out, they have success in coming up and they have some failure in dropping, then success again in coming up again. For the size of the clubs promotion to the top league is an achievement and its certainly got to be better than constant nothingness just below mid table year after year IMO.
  13. He's entitled to do owt he wants and people are entitled to make their own judgement on his actions. I mean I'm a big fan of Benitez, and I suppose instead of looking at it as going to a club that's been leveraged you could look at it as going to somewhere where the fans need the club to be saved. Then again this is all pointless because he won't go there IMO.
  14. Teasy


    No, I still have a positive opinion of him, just think he's a bit mad.
  15. Teasy


    Advanced socialism is effectively communism before the state dissolves and everyone learns to live as socialist man, or so the commie fairy tale goes. So no I don't mean that any socialism means starvation. I mean nationwide or worldwide state run socialism means starvation. If you disagree read about anywhere full flavour advanced socialism has been tried. Yeah people can starve under any system including free market. But under advanced socialism it's guaranteed on a mass scale.
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