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  1. Not saying you’re a racist mate but I find there’s a bias (could be unconscious) when black folk do something daft like taking a photo with a rapper and flipping a few hand signs that they’re twats. Judged to a different standard.
  2. Wiley’s an old skool Uk rap legend, they probably grew up listening to him not sure what’s wrong with taking a photo with him. If this was two white footballers taking a photo with Liam Gallagher would anything be said?
  3. SAK

    Chris Wood

    Thought he played alright, held the ball up and brought others into play a couple of times when the ball was played high to him where previously it have come straight back at us. Hopefully develops a better understanding with teammates during the break.
  4. SAK

    Paul Dummett

    Upgrade him and let his contract expire. Good defender but poor footballer. If he wasn’t so Injury prone I’d say keep him as a backup whilst we transition to a club that challenges the top end but as he spends long periods unavailable that takes s slot without adding much value. Overall a good pro and servant to the club when called upon.
  5. Need midfielders as bad as defenders not many linked which is worrying.
  6. @biggsbond14 No problem for me when I voted. Must be a fair few members, posters like Gregg or Heron would know as I believe they are/were involved with the Trust.
  7. NUST Member Vote Result: 1892 Pledge Scheme Voting closed for Members on the vote regarding the future of the 1892 Pledge Scheme on Friday 14th January at 17.00. The Trust can reveal that Members voted resoundingly to agree with the Board and Gaurdian's decision to end the Scheme with 87% of eligible votes cast in favour of ending the Scheme. Members have endorsed the decisions of both the 1892 Pledge Guardians and Trust Board to end the Scheme. As of 21.00 on 16th January 2022 all active subscriptions were cancelled for the Pledge Scheme and the Trust no longer collects money
  8. Unless you’re Harry Rednapp.
  9. SAK

    Chris Wood

    Relatively happy with this, we need a striker immediately and everyone knows it and thinks they’ve got us over a barrel. He’s got an OK scoring record, weakens a direct relegation rival, is available immediately for selection, let’s others play in there proper position, knows the league, buys us breathing space to negotiate with others during the rest of the window.
  10. Internet drama. The worst kind.
  11. Us: You looking to sell? Them: Yeah Us: How much? Them: 30m Us: Ok, we’ll get back to you.
  12. SAK

    Joe Willock

    His all round performances last year were nothing special and went missing in large patches during games just was masked by the goal scoring run.
  13. He lucked out with us, a big stadium, a massive fan base, our title challenges under Keegan still in peoples memory and importantly in the memories of media companies and journalists so despite being shit people spoke about us which generates interest. wont get that at Derby if he thinks he’s going to get them to the PL and flip them.
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