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  1. I don’t think it’s as complex as people, and some opinion columns in particular, are making out. Everything in life is multi-faceted but we seem to have this need to declare something either good or bad as a binary matter. In most walks of life, things are both good and bad at the same time. A basic example is how I feel about work: it’s great to have a salary and some spending money, occasionally work is quite fun and interesting to the mind and you make friends. On the other hand, it can be boring and repetitive, it’s too constant and intrudes on your private life more than you wan
  2. You can, but it’s more desirable to lump sum it for income tax purposes for both parties. One law firm I left I got 6 months pay, 3 months normal salary on gardening leave and 3 months lump sum.
  3. I think Ashley quite deliberately overpaid them and gave them a huge payout at the end because he deliberately employed managers as yes men meat shields. Of all the dross, only McLaren got the sack and that’s a mix of looming relegation and Rafa falling into his lap. I think with Bruce it is a case of taking the money to deflect the blame, accept the complete non-ambition and telling him he was trying to sell, and if he took his orders he’d get a nice big payout from new owners because the contract would be passed along with purchase. If he did have to sack him with relegation looming next yea
  4. Congratulations, everybody. What an absolutely sordid and soul-crushing 14 years that was. Thank you all for helping me bear what has been one of the most dispiriting situations in my life with some degree of humour and solidarity. I am genuinely in tears.
  5. Your second post is a non-sequitur. Your point was that Bruce’s lack of aptitude / not caring is somehow beneficial to young players, which in my view is clutching at straws. Bruce is the worst manager in the division, and probably one of the worst in the top 2 divisions, so I don’t really back the view that this may be beneficial to a young player. If I was a young player, if I had other coaching options I’d not be opting for Steve Bruce on the basis that I could do whatever I wanted. That discussion point has nothing to do with other clubs’ interest in Willock or otherwise - it may
  6. Did any of the the straws stick within your grasp?
  7. I’ll never not care and I resent myself a lot for it, which in turn makes me resent Ashley/Bruce/PL/aggressive free market capitalism in sports even more. It’s a really grim cycle and not one a 7 year old version of me could have ever anticipated, but at this stage I genuinely wish I had never taken an active interest in football. The bad outweighs the good so massively. Was at an (outdoors!) meet up for a friend’s birthday yesterday and Man U and Liverpool fans were there excitedly talking about the new season, asked who I support and I said “cricket”. It’s just easier at this point.
  8. Theregulars


    Just chatted with my pharmacist who is a sensible and pragmatic guy, he’s massively helped me through this by getting me my heart medications on the sly while the NHS has been unresponsive. His words: “it’s an astonishingly short-sighted decision. Medical community is pretty much united that this will cause thousands more deaths this year. It’s really sad”.
  9. A lot of bibble here but that was a fair result. Difficult game, attritional; Danes are a well drilled unit and well worth their tournament. I hate that it’s the Italians.
  10. Yorkie is the Gareth of the forum. Arise sir yorkie
  11. Soft pen, bad pen, England probably deserve the lead and the Danes’ free kick for the goal was soft as Philly cream cheese on a summer’s day (last year summer tho)
  12. Thought it was a poor decision for their free kick, it’s obvious they were trying to win territory for the strike and Christiansen took a really lame flop, ref bought it. Pickford has let the emotion get to him, otherwise nobody has been too bad but nobody too good.
  13. Out of interest, how do you feel about Saint Maximin taking the knee? Do you also think he’s an entitled millionaire, or is he ok because he scores goals for your team?
  14. No, I consider that you are racist because of your brazenly incorrect and over generalised negative stereotyping of black people and Asian people. I’m interested in hearing your answer to my questions to you, please.
  15. Or maybe don’t stay silent when someone is being racist?
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