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  1. Your second post is a non-sequitur. Your point was that Bruce’s lack of aptitude / not caring is somehow beneficial to young players, which in my view is clutching at straws. Bruce is the worst manager in the division, and probably one of the worst in the top 2 divisions, so I don’t really back the view that this may be beneficial to a young player. If I was a young player, if I had other coaching options I’d not be opting for Steve Bruce on the basis that I could do whatever I wanted. That discussion point has nothing to do with other clubs’ interest in Willock or otherwise - it may
  2. Did any of the the straws stick within your grasp?
  3. I’ll never not care and I resent myself a lot for it, which in turn makes me resent Ashley/Bruce/PL/aggressive free market capitalism in sports even more. It’s a really grim cycle and not one a 7 year old version of me could have ever anticipated, but at this stage I genuinely wish I had never taken an active interest in football. The bad outweighs the good so massively. Was at an (outdoors!) meet up for a friend’s birthday yesterday and Man U and Liverpool fans were there excitedly talking about the new season, asked who I support and I said “cricket”. It’s just easier at this point.
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    Just chatted with my pharmacist who is a sensible and pragmatic guy, he’s massively helped me through this by getting me my heart medications on the sly while the NHS has been unresponsive. His words: “it’s an astonishingly short-sighted decision. Medical community is pretty much united that this will cause thousands more deaths this year. It’s really sad”.
  5. A lot of bibble here but that was a fair result. Difficult game, attritional; Danes are a well drilled unit and well worth their tournament. I hate that it’s the Italians.
  6. Yorkie is the Gareth of the forum. Arise sir yorkie
  7. Soft pen, bad pen, England probably deserve the lead and the Danes’ free kick for the goal was soft as Philly cream cheese on a summer’s day (last year summer tho)
  8. Thought it was a poor decision for their free kick, it’s obvious they were trying to win territory for the strike and Christiansen took a really lame flop, ref bought it. Pickford has let the emotion get to him, otherwise nobody has been too bad but nobody too good.
  9. Out of interest, how do you feel about Saint Maximin taking the knee? Do you also think he’s an entitled millionaire, or is he ok because he scores goals for your team?
  10. No, I consider that you are racist because of your brazenly incorrect and over generalised negative stereotyping of black people and Asian people. I’m interested in hearing your answer to my questions to you, please.
  11. Or maybe don’t stay silent when someone is being racist?
  12. On what basis do you say that? Have you lived in, or even spent more than a 7-14 day holiday in, any European country that isn’t the U.K.?
  13. Stepping aside from the offensiveness of this statement, if we accept your premise that the majority of gun and knife crime is committed by black people, out of interest why do you think that might be? I’ll offer you two options: 1. More individuals from African and Caribbean backgrounds are more likely to be born into endemic poverty and not have access to good education and therefore a wider range of professional opportunity, meaning it’s more likely that they resort to crime (in some instances to make ends meet); or 2. Those people have an innate tendency towards cr
  14. Sorry - my above post was in response to this. Also creasing at “China or Asia”.
  15. I’m white and lived in Asia for 3 years (Singapore and Hong Kong). Not once did I encounter any form of racist abuse directed towards me. Moreover, my elder brother has lived in Hong Kong for 25 years and also hasn’t once encountered any form of racist abuse directed at him. Of the many, many white people I know and spent time with during my time there, not one has “been jumped” on grounds of being white. You are entitled to disagree that racism is as serious a problem as some make out (although I think you’re in denial, which is an opinion I’m entitled to). What you’re not
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    And yeh we couldn’t find Harrison. Pretty sure his helicopter was circling Low Fell though.
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    Up for the weekend to visit @LFEE - never forget despite Ashley’s best work that you all have one cracking city.
  18. I mean yeah, they are absolute criminals and facilitating the complete decay of society. Keep it up!
  19. Ah man my friend from America was here that week - he’s taken me to all sorts of Philly sports matches and that was his first Newcastle game. He had me buy him the custard / banana away strip with 23 Ameobi after it. Screamer from Raylor! We started in the home end and when I told the Palace steward he’d come here from America to watch the game, he let us shift into the away end. Offered him a tenner and he refused to accept it. Sometimes people aren’t awful.
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    Johnson can’t slow the reopening down, partly because he sees it as potential political suicide and partly because he doesn’t want to lose the vaccination / reopening bounce before the next by-election.
  21. Tobias Harris was phenomenal today. Carried the Sixers against a really good Beal performance and decent Westbrook (the assassin and the asshole) performance. The refereeing was appalling. I’m a fan but the Sixers don’t look like favourites to proceed to the Finals, I’m not sure they believe in themselves enough. And someone teach Ben Simmons to shoot, Jesus wept man.
  22. So this is how the Tories dismantle the BBC / turn it into the compliant state broadcaster. Another step in the direction of feral autocracy.
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