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  1. Got the impression both him and Wilson were told just to loiter upfront and conserve energy the minute we went 4-3-2. Neither dropped into make the extra man very often and pressing from either was pretty much non existent albeit it seemed like ASM took it to the Nth degree but as the only player we have that can carry the ball more than a few metres it has to expected.
  2. Scoring at a one in two rate both this season and overall for us in the PL. Absolute insanity to be having a pop at his performance even more so given the absolutely zero alternative. If, and it’s a long shot, we get out of it he’ll be the main bloke behind it.
  3. Not really but all futile player awards are basically awarded on… - Are you Pessi or Penaldo - Did you win a national team tournament - Did you reach the CL final - Do you score important mass viewed goals And for the Ballon D’or…are you somehow related to France. PS. We will fuck the award off if needed to protect our Ligue 1 assets.
  4. Wild and sad, albeit not surprising, listening to the TF podcast and they’re getting well stuck into Howe on a level it took them ample time to do with Pardew and Bruce. I’d be absolutely amazed if he wasn’t part hired (and I hope they stick with him) on the basis he can blast the Championship. It’ll be us, Norwich, +1 + probably WBA.
  5. Disco

    U.S. Politics

    Fucking hell, that’s hit me in the feels; as sad as it is impressive from those kids. All strength to them.
  6. Disco

    U.S. Politics

    School shooting in Michigan, some 15 year old was the shooter. Seems to have been a while for one of these but I’m guessing most don’t make the news over here. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-59484333
  7. Some assist by Ilicic there.
  8. Josh “Real American” Sargent to score the winner in the worst result in my entire life.
  9. Disco


    Did they say when that was starting mush?
  10. Disco

    The weather

    One of the three trees that came down over lane out of where I was staying in the lakes this weekend. Phone lines and mobile reception totally wiped out. Was only 60-70 over there n all. Reports that someone was killed by a falling tree too.
  11. You’d probably be able to find a spot on a Uni campus and use their guest WiFi although probably not ideal.
  12. Reckon I could shag Mahrez’s instant kill first touch.
  13. Boat load of asylum seekers/migrants drowned in the Channel today. Rising death toll but seen 30 mentioned. Grim stuff.
  14. Disco


    Looks like it's reopening.
  15. Top of the table Chesterfield absolutely fucking me over last night to the point it's still rankling. 2 up with five to go against midtable shite and pissed it away.
  16. Disco


    Khan has mentioned looking into it but when parties and policies are aimed at making lives worse for young people and specifically catering for middle class retirees it's not happening for a generation IMO.
  17. In playoff contention, same as last season.
  18. Disco


    Deutschland legalising the Grün.
  19. Disco


    It was only ever temporary so you’d hope so even if it was scaled back.
  20. Good goal tha’. Villarreal been toss second half.
  21. And Villarreal piss it away again
  22. De Gea keeping Man Utd level here.
  23. Disco


    Cracking news for the city centre that.
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