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  1. Should be one week ban for posting anything from him here.
  2. They are linked to Leon Bailey also.
  3. No, we have a Braindead Twitter thread for shit like that.
  4. Can we please stop posting shit like that?
  5. Aye, but usually we’re getting a bill from the tax office after the package is received. Probably some other way of doing it here.
  6. 75£ is 904 Norwegian kroner in todays marked. Still the price is 1200 NOK (100£) on the website.
  7. Some rumours on Twitter that Mike Ashley’s chopper just landed in Dundee where Arsenal currently are on a training camp.
  8. Looking at Will Hughes according to Alan Nixon.
  9. £10m? With £4m going to us? What a shit deal for Blackburn.
  10. The thing is no one knows how this will end but with statements like this they put even more pressure on the PL. De Marco is clearly behind this.
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