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  1. Tell me you have no idea what’s going on without telling me you have no idea what’s going on.
  2. Must be a reason why they play midfielder Gross as a full back instead of Lamptey?
  3. Is he very injury prone? Just 14 league games last season and only 6 league games so far this season.
  4. Miggy is always running while ASM always wants the ball in his feet. Can’t see him being effective on the right side tbh.
  5. About Us Saudi Egyptian Developers Established in 1975 and presented a leading real estate position with strong innovated projects for the Egyptian market and as a result making it one of the companies within the filed. Owned equally by the Saudi government and the Egyptian government with a capital mark of 1.9 billion EGP.
  6. Pope; Trippier, Schär, Botman, Burn; Joelinton, Bruno, Willock; Almiron, Isak, Maxi.
  7. I guess Almiron’s stats would look just the same under Bruce. Playing in a crap Everton team under a useless manager are not making it easy. They are clearly looking at the potensial.
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