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  1. Ikon

    Steve Bruce

    You sure? The alternative to deleting the account is to just get banned for like 6 months or something and you can always take the account up again in the future? Your call mate That would be even better mate :thup Please ban me 6 months for being rude saying "Now behave all you cunts in here " I'll be back when/if there's a change happening. This is not healthy. Be safe everyone!
  2. Ikon

    Steve Bruce

    Also, midds[/member] please delete my account permanently. I've tried doing it the correct way before but it still doesn't disappear. I might be back in the future. Cheers
  3. Ikon

    Steve Bruce

    Sean, please take away my "oracle" quote. Cheers.
  4. He's got leadership too. We need that more than ever (sort of).
  5. So easy to stay up too. It's comical how a club can be this mismanaged, it's almost surreal A proper empty fucking shell.
  6. We are going down, it's written in stone. We deserve it too, big time (not us fans though). We are a house on fire where the firefighters aren't bothered to do anything about it, and haven't been for ages.
  7. Even if most likely bullshit, or extremely unrealistic at best, it will still annoy Bruce a whole fucking lot
  8. Would only happen if Mandy has whispered 'camshafts' in Rafa's ear. Well, plus the takeover is done, pending on staying up. Yeah, aint happening..
  9. Hendrick and Shelvey is more proper, steel.
  10. Yeah, but do they know about the best bars and hostels in Koh Chang like Hendrick does?
  11. We could be without Almiron for a few games next month too. Great!
  12. Actually, I think this is the "official announcement" (confirmation) that we have been wating for. And I can make wine out of water only.
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