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  1. I’m doing it myself but I’m gonna stop now. (His looks) ita simply wrong. Mostly about his behaviour that’s annoyed me before.
  2. Good for Leicester that we don’t allow anyone to know that they have 50m coming in
  3. Wonder if they are likely to get Tete/And Harrison. Different to Maddison I know.
  4. Apparently the medical won’t be done today after all. Postponed until next week. Too bad, would have been nice for the weekend. The body scanner they use is for 3d people.
  5. The ICING on the cake to say at least. Doubt it though.
  6. Think Dyche only wants to take him to Mordor so that his blue orcs can chase him. Like Rocky Balboa tries to catch chickens.
  7. Stop worrying so much about the money And give it some time. I don’t like but I can see what we he can become in a more harmonious setup.
  8. Nothing to worry about here. At least not until the summer.
  9. We have Splinters son, and one of the turtles in Murphy. Hopefully we can get Mbappe in too. Cowabunga!
  10. Can see good things when we are in transition. Which already has been a strength of us. Bruno feeding runs through the channels. Now please get a cm with creativity or some box to box that allows Bruno be more advanced at times
  11. Despite his looks I have to admit that scientifically his aerodynamic face helps pace wise.
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