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  1. Abraham is a good finisher but he doesn’t impress me in general play.
  2. If we only get one Cb it has to be a very athletic one of high quality and good on the ball. We lack recovery pace at the back if anything.
  3. Need a proper natural right sided forward/winger of good quality.
  4. Good. Dont give them a penny for anything.
  5. Leeds will go down on GD. Us and Brentford to win rather easily.
  6. Bet Gordon the cunt will be slizing pizza with his 2D face in the dressing room now.
  7. I want them to go mostly because of their so called haircuts
  8. Speaking of Henderson. I don’t want anything from ManU. Not even a chair. I don’t want us to give them a pennie. They can fuck off.
  9. Like flies around rotten shite.
  10. Lampard is a muppet look at me look at me.
  11. Lampard sacked before Christmas
  12. Now every cunt on twitter will want DCL.
  13. Imagine a fridge scoring like that..
  14. Don’t you know that the Hobbits can win in Mordor..
  15. Could get Gouiri and Ekitike for less than the price of Nunez. If I was to spend that amount of money I think I’d go for the former two and not Nunez. I can see him flopping, especially at a club that has a lot of possession and play against teams playing deep mostly. Haven’t really seen much at all of Ekitike tbh, just read about him.
  16. Very very talented. Came back recently from a serious injury I think. Gouiri that is.
  17. CB was like the giraffe version of Longstaff there to be honest.
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