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  1. Castore supposed to be some high-end upgrade? Shirt looks like the usual dross from Puma.
  2. New batch of national team shirts. Some weird designs from adidas. https://news.sportslogos.net/2021/03/23/international-soccer-kit-roundup-march-23-2021/soccer/
  3. Really looking forward to this season. White Sox and Mets both looking good.
  4. Arsenal with another retro yellow shirt.
  5. Hit the road, American auto brand.
  6. For six months, pollsters showed us a thousand polls where Biden would win here, win there, win easily. Flipping wild states, running up the score. Every pollster should be placed in stocks and pummeled with gourds.
  7. Yeah I'm guessing he had to be hospitalized for something serious last month, but he declared it was COVID. On the third day he rose again, declared himself cured, immune, etc. and he's had wild boar steroids coarsing through his body ever since.
  8. Susan Sarandon’s vanity helped put three conservative kooks on the Supreme Court. If you named a hurricane “Susan” it could never wreak so much lasting damage.
  9. Is this what every Yankees game is like? On pace for a 5 hour game holy fuck.
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