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  1. It's Britain's version of Idiocracy.
  2. Like you won't be pulling the shame on you shit when Labour crash and die on the arse at the next election cause people like me and the rest of the left tell them to get fucked. Perhaps I shouldn't have said it, perhaps you shouldn't get so defensive about it. I said the same thing weeks ago, Shay responded, but he didn't cry over my misplaced fucking anger, he just addressed the substance. Now I'm off to get fucking tested, good bye.
  3. I'll guarantee you one thing, if they get in office at the next election, they'll not include the uplift. They'll continue with Tory spending plans, just like they did in 97. Make a positive case for Labour, please. I'm off for the day, I'll look forward to it when back.
  4. Footballers, ex obviously in this case, leading the arguments again. Where is the spam faced leader of the opposition? Honestly fuck them. Made excuses for him a year ago when Rashford started, "oh, sometimes celebs are needed to push these things along" but fuck this. He's terminally absent. Shame on you if you vote for them, absolute bunch of mugs you'd be.
  5. Something will break through, might be after the next election, but something. It'll be their own complete idiocy though, as Starmer is a complete non-entity. I wonder if they would have the same attitudes in Blyth if Sunak took over. I don't even mean that in a race sense, but he's smarmy as fuck, not sure he'd connect as well with the north. Not that I understand how Boris does, but I certainly get the general reason why he's seen as likeable. Not saying I like him, just can see why some politically illiterate types might.
  6. BlufPurdi


    They say both in the instructions. Either way, it was the nose bit she went scatty at.
  7. BlufPurdi


    Having a nightmare trying to test the 7 year old. Did it for myself in front of her, making her laugh, goofing about, but she crumbled when it was her turn. Also, there's no way I can get past her massive tongue. Fuck knows how I'll get her to do the PCR test.
  8. BlufPurdi


    100%. I'd have hated being told that as a mid-teen, but fucking hell, it's needed.
  9. I'll be watching it, but it'll be on a short ass leash.
  10. Couldn't happen to a more duplicitous cunt, so fuck him.
  11. I've no idea how council house applications worked in those days, so definitely fair enough. I was just saying that now, you can be described as technically homeless for sofa surfing, been like that since I left school around 2001. Although you have to prove it, you have to have a letter from the householder basically saying they don't intend on putting you up for a long spell. She had three years. I really don't buy this story.
  12. It's a manipulative story though, most decent people wouldn't dream of describing themselves as homeless when sofa-surfing when you see the utter destitution of the real homeless in this country. And it's not homeless, it's 'technically homeless', that's the term she should be using, that's how she'd have been classed in any application for a home. So I'd much prefer she say that, as it's an insult to say otherwise.
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