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  1. Although the recent influx has been young, left leaning. A bit like the SNP in the last ten years, these new members/voters can drastically change parties, so here's hoping they develop beyond what they are.
  2. 5 episodes in on this Manifest stuff, and it's a clear big fat average.
  3. That is quite bad in all fairness, and I didn't know this. Still think the venom directed at him is a little much, but yeah, that bad.
  4. I'll get on it shortly, it's on Now. Just finished Deadwood rewatch, so perfect to have something. Looks shit for what it's worth.
  5. Have I missed something regarding Martin Bashir? Other than the horrific fake bank statements, why are they talking about him like he's Jimmy Saville?
  6. BlufPurdi


    Any idea of the age range?
  7. BlufPurdi

    Your Pet Hates

    Scotland and Scotland fans during major tournaments. 37 years of age, and I still die of cringe every time.
  8. BlufPurdi


    Convinced I was fucked after the first pfizer jab also, but assured not possible.
  9. What random uni students get up to is no business of the fucking national press. They should do as they want without fear of the right. This is the simple sorts of free speech stances the left used to be able to take, but we're just as much the professionally offended these days than any other political leaning.
  10. Burnham has pretty much burned his chances with the left over the Queen comments yesterday. Don't particularly blame them, and does also confirm he's got no real balls and will only stand your ground when it's clear there's a win in it for him. Either way, he's not the man anymore than Keir is. Got to stop projecting. Aside from that, it really annoys me that no one is, even used ironically to make a point, standing up for the rights of free speech etc, especially in universities. Instead, our morons get stuck in the "will I/won't I be a monarchist today" dilemma that Labour seems
  11. Lucifer done. Honestly, why the fuck has this show been saved twice? I mean I enjoy it, good laughs at points, but it's so much of a fucking nothing. In saying that, at least they haven't repeated (near) 30 episode season 3.
  12. According to the MacPherson principle, if they say they feel it's racist it should be investigated as such. Not sure who decides it's racist beyond that mind. Anyway, you could take this seriously if they weren't the exact demographic that still use terms like darkie or whatever. Get fucked, you snowflakes. I hope it feels really racist and hurtful, you precious cunts. You might just get a taste of the life minorities live daily, forever.
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