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  1. It's a funny thing though, we do often, even ourselves, fall into the trap of believing we work harder than other people. Only the other night the other half was telling my to calm down my expectations of people just because I can't stop doing shit. It's a disease of western economics though, where we all must live and die to produce growth for our nations. I genuinely remember when I was younger that we used to dream of jobless societies, or at least less work to do, I'm sure there were many at the time aghast at such ideas, but it just becomes a further distant dream as we pumme
  2. BlufPurdi

    Climate change

    Wow. Honestly, get fucked you utterly vacuous cunt. Please, please ban me.
  3. BlufPurdi

    Climate change

    I'm not arsed what you believe man, your opinions, your mind, but surely you recognise that at least sea levels are rising? Do we just not give a shit about the communities all around the world that live on coastlines because you may believe that it wasn't a man made disaster? Forget the heat rising and all that stuff. Places like the Maldives will simply be under water in X amount of time, I won't pretend to know when, but it's pretty widely accepted that sea levels are rising even by 'deniers', their position just seems to rest on "we didn't cause it", so what's your answer to stuff like tha
  4. BlufPurdi

    Climate change

    Glasgow is pretty much at a standstill, wish it would stop pretending it can host large scale events. Fuck off to the apparent capital please.
  5. The psychology of scare tactics suggests it just doesn't work. I'm sure there are plenty that are fully sure they'll be fine, come what may, I'm not going to deny that, but with many, trying to convince them through fear has the opposite effects. Don't take my word for it, just look at the evidence, just look at Brexit. https://www.theverge.com/2017/7/11/15954106/doomsday-climate-science-apocalypse-new-york-magazine-response But I'm sure we'll all just pretend everyone's a bunch of cunts and we will never change our tact either. Never have understood why t
  6. They can maybe just accept it's not their time anymore, they had their fucking chance to make climate front and centre of life, and they didn't as a generation so just fuck off with your ridiculous pious attitudes and let people that can win arguments have a go instead. It's not like we just found out of about this stuff last week. They could have sat on the roads whilst I was still at school. They weren't. Rather than riling up people we kind of need on board, they could lend themselves to a more coherent campaign, or simply step aside and in the case of some of those in charge, rein in their
  7. I mean, they're clearly not doing nothing, but I did say they're doing it in their usual half arsed way. My main point is there's no real coherent point to climate protests. They don't actually have a goal they want met, as far as I've seen anyway, the cunt that runs Insulate Britain doesn't even give a fuck about insulating houses. It's a bit of a nonsense, although I've far more respect for Greta Thunberg regarding the issue, as she's at least taking on the power structures that matter, and not causing, in my honest opinion here, a whole lot of drama with no fucking clear demands. They are n
  8. Was actually talking about Rishi's dish. This is completely unrelated, but I've been wondering about all these climate protests. They're not actually doing anything, like I mean achieving anything are they? Governments are well on the way, in their own measly, usual, dragging their feet ways, to 'dealing with things'. I realise that's quite cynical, but am I wrong? Cop26 has been booked up for years, wasn't on Greta's say so, or a bunch of lunatics deciding to sit on roads. Just seems to be a whole lot of noise whilst, I hate to say it, the grown ups get on with it.
  9. Would love to punch that smarmy cunt in the face. And how the fuck has Starmer got covid again?
  10. It's Britain's version of Idiocracy.
  11. Like you won't be pulling the shame on you shit when Labour crash and die on the arse at the next election cause people like me and the rest of the left tell them to get fucked. Perhaps I shouldn't have said it, perhaps you shouldn't get so defensive about it. I said the same thing weeks ago, Shay responded, but he didn't cry over my misplaced fucking anger, he just addressed the substance. Now I'm off to get fucking tested, good bye.
  12. I'll guarantee you one thing, if they get in office at the next election, they'll not include the uplift. They'll continue with Tory spending plans, just like they did in 97. Make a positive case for Labour, please. I'm off for the day, I'll look forward to it when back.
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