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  1. The Underground Railroad. Grim as fuck, not sure if it's even any good, but can't stop.
  2. Part of why Ed is so good now is because he doesn't have the baggage of his ambition anymore. No point wishing him leader, he'd be back to his old leader self in no time at all.
  3. Yeah, that was the beginning of Starmer's decline funnily enough.
  4. You have to understand, these people genuinely believe we're worse than what's already in power. Of course he's focussing on us, it's the only mission he's got left for his backers.
  5. We know one thing, Britain won't put up with antisemitism.
  6. Just more basic mismanagement that they'll be able to fend off with some flimsy nonsense about Corbyn. Two years ago it was the richest party in Europe or some shit, but they'll still spin it as his fault. Fucking jokers, the lot of them. Just wish we didn't have to sit and wait for the results, putting up with the reality in the meantime (just going to be more Tory rule after all). Sooner they're dead in the water, we can walk on from the fucking Blair era, 20 years on, and try some new fucking politics. I say that being inspired by early Blair. Find an identity, be proud of it,
  7. Just over a year and centrists have Labour on the verge of bankruptcy, again. The professionals~!
  8. BlufPurdi


    The problem is, these people have families that they go home to, families that aren't all toeing their line. Fuck them really isn't helpful, although I quite definitely share the sentiment. They're dangerous and should be treated as such.
  9. The problem is how Labour attain power. If they won on the back of the support from the left (see Biden, who of course has decided not to go far enough in the end anyway), then I could well believe they'll enact a radical economic plan. However, that they're now wholly dependent on rich donors, seems to be tanking the left for the delusional floating voters/centrists/useless twats, then of course they'll not enact a radical economic agenda that will transform the country for the next 50 years. Just like New Labour didn't (obligatory disclaimer, they did good, they just never ever remotely went
  10. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2021/jul/15/tributes-paid-writer-dawn-foster-died Bloody hell. RIP.
  11. Scum of the earth. But however will we get good MPs if we don't overpay them and overly subsidise their entire fucking lives.
  12. Yes! Was typing out something similar, but fucking yes.
  13. It's based on: and subsequent fallout.
  14. No, not honestly. I mean, I hope, I did just remember what year it is after all.
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