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  1. Peacemaker - That was surprisingly good, although some of the arguing got a bit tiring. 1899 - It'll end up being the most annoying show ever over the seasons, but that was great so far. The Crown - Really bad casting this season, can't take to it at all. Sick boy as Major feels like a wind up.
  2. Jews Don't Count - After a year of slagging off ridiculous excerpts from his book (some of them are really stupid), the show itself certainly made some very good points as it wasn't solely focussed on tweets from anonymous idiots.
  3. Definitely pushed and used platform on HIGNFY and appearances on QT. But I'm trying not to be daft, some were always going to push it, next test was whether they ever reflect on it, and he hasn't. Got hope that this is going to come back to haunt them soon, which it should, and I hope it rips right through Labour and the British press too. Seems to be a change in direction since Israel's recent election.
  4. Hislop's a prick, but a respectable one. My litmus test is how much they pushed the AS stuff, and whilst he and Private Eye didn't go mental on it, he still did push it sadly.
  5. He's a fucking disgusting piece of shit, and it's really demoralised me that good people lauded him for years because he just happened to have a favourable view on Brexit to them.
  6. It just seemed like a lost cause to me, she was telling Widdecombe to get back in politics. Exactly what was Marina expecting her to spout out. Although, I do hate this "you read the DM" shit. Plenty of people with these views don't actually sit there scouring these newspapers. It's a baked in mindset of the generation, I've little doubt our own generation will be as bloody minded at the same age about something else.
  7. Something similar, but opposite, had to put up with them with the going-deaf mother, got used to them. One thing I've noticed is, the quality of subtitles is terrible these days. Completely wrong words and sentences in some cases.
  8. The Old Man - Got to love a bit of Jeff Bridges and John Lithgow, but it's completely average as fuck. Big Sky - Not good. 11.22.63 - Seemed really interesting, till I realised it was some Stephen King shite and turned it off. Can't stand any show based on his shit, always the same fucking thing basically.
  9. Is she anything do with any of it, or is she just tweeting off the back of others doing the work?
  10. The reason this was allowed to happen is quite simple, prior to the Ukraine full-scale invasion, all the establishment wanted to cooperate with Russia and get them on our side before they cosy up to China. Tony Blair (and his ilk) was writing glowing articles about Putin and Russian military tactics right up to late 2021. Obviously we're having to rewrite history now though and pretend we've never been pro-Russian and done any of these things.
  11. Oh yeh, we need to get away from that, they'll just adopt their own less evil version of it though. Just a really dispiriting country led by charlatans and liars all over the spectrum.
  12. I think an assumption us younger generations are making, wrongly for what it's worth, is that when Labour comes in, there will be that general positive, tidy up the mess attitude, '97 basically. But I'm coming round more to the idea there's too much turmoil at every angle, and we're going to have another disgruntled 1970s style of ineffective government from both sides of the divide. Essentially confirmed by a timid Labour party that can't even hold on to its own unforced commitments (abolish the house of lords anyone?). This country is in the pan for at least another ten or 15 years.
  13. Dopesick - Brilliant. The Dropout - How did I not hear about this IRL? Almost felt better watching it like that though, the slow realisation it was all true was "holy shit" inducing. Hacks - Surprisingly good. Deep State -Average, gets worse in season 2. Mayor of Kingstown - A bit ridiculous but fair enough watch. 1923 - Along with 1883, decent enough, but fuck off man. No one cares about this shit. Pure aimless, tortured, repetitive stories. Same goes with Yellowstone tbh. Jamie's been a bad boy again. Yawn.
  14. Worth finishing off, yeah. I enjoyed the first season too, although not sure if it was the whole antisemitism period, but felt it was a bit reckless. Seemed much more straight forward this season.
  15. Let the Right One In - Good, nothing great, inadvertently serves as a prequel to True Blood. Operation Mincemeat - Pure unadulterated pish. A bunch of British actors walking around sets being charming to one another. Kaleidoscope - Genuinely terrible. Finally reached Gus Fring/Giancarlo Esposito fatique, retire please, or try something different. Better Call Saul - Perfect, great wrap up. The Peripheral - A lot of hype, a lot of nothing. Treason - OK. Rogue Agent - Glorified TV movie. Whiplash - Brilliant. The Offer - Top stuff. The Rig - LOL. So bad. Hunters 2 - Nicely wrapped up. Winning Time - Great. Can't remember anything else.
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