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  1. StMaximin is selfish as fuck but it’s all forgotten now because of Schar.
  2. Joelinton’s become both Ben Arfa and Beckham. What a player.
  3. Giselle


    What a machine.
  4. Giselle


    He is just too good. Great entertainment.
  5. Giselle


    Kyrgios is a head case but he’s really talented. Really, really talented.
  6. Giselle


    If Kyrgios serves like this, he’s going to win.
  7. Shaq Hakeem David Robinson Jokic Ewing Embiid KAT Gobert
  8. There is no drama like NBA drama. Too good.
  9. Giselle

    MLB 2022

    Yankees are shit hot this year. We'll have to beat them in the playoffs like usual then.
  10. Giselle


    Rafa at the French Open is the most dominant athlete ever?
  11. Giselle


    Empty seats is what the future of tennis is like when the Big 3 are gone. Let’s hope Zverev’s injury isn’t too serious because he was really good yesterday. Tennis really needs guys like Zverev, Tsitsipas and Alcaraz to start winning slams before the Big 3 actually retire. It’s insane that Rafa and Roger are probably months away from retirement but Zverev and Tsitsipas haven’t even won their first slams. Federer and Nadal started beating Agassi regularly before he retired, that was the last era’s changeover of the guard. There’s been nothing like that for the Big 3.
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