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  1. Indeed, but doesn’t diminish from the fact he’s skipped 3 days of training to force a move. I thought our powers that be prode themselves about their due diligence and no dickheads rule?
  2. Downed tools at the first sight of a better pay check by the looks of it
  3. Can’t get behind this move at all, apologies. We’re grossly overpaying, he’s not good enough for where we want to be and perhaps most importantly, he’s not the type of character I want to see represent us on and off the pitch.
  4. I wouldn’t even sell him for 50m, since a replacement would easily cost more than that. ASM came here when we were shit, and he still offers plenty, especially something nobody else in our squad does. Deserves to be an integral part of the revolution imo.
  5. Absolutely convinced this is not happening. Our recruitment surely has more sense than this?
  6. Eddie needs to start trusting ASM more. Offers so much.
  7. Our best striker, without a doubt. His time has finally come to lead the line and for Wilson to be our impact sub going forward.
  8. Decent result, but it should be done and dusted really
  9. Isak looks fit as a fiddle, much moreso than Wilson has been lately.
  10. Isak and Saint-Maximin have turned the game around. Who’d have thought..?
  11. If you change your starting XI you have some other options to bring from the bench, no?
  12. I don’t know. Let’s see… How about make some changes to his starting XI when it’s clearly getting a bit stale?
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