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  1. Veltman/Guehi cards @ 40/1. Copied Pilko's Bissouma/Zaha @ 30/1.
  2. Alberto2005

    Joe Willock

    Isn't he also playing way deeper this season? He's playing in a midfield 2 where he looked far better in a midfield 3.
  3. I'm not angry I'm allowed to reply to his comments right? Or do I have to agree with everyones opinion?
  4. I'm not particularly interested in your morals and behaviour, it's a football forum and you've been talking a lot of rubbish for a long time now so don't complain when people call you out on it.
  5. If it isn't the Saudis then you have no right to say 'I told you so' anyway. No shit we will get taken over at some point.
  6. This is a guy that gave Pardew, Woodman, Stone & Carver 8 year contracts. Probably yes.
  7. Same, this and Triggs bet blatantly copied both thankyou so much haha.
  8. Put a tenner on it for the laugh.
  9. Cards: Bardsley & Hendrick 29/1. Murphy & Cork 53/1.
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