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    I love Gouff
  1. Mount is better than Willock imo.
  2. Are we not pretty much through even with a draw tonight due to GD?
  3. Podcast out with Undr The Cosh (Patreon).
  4. Nah, Cancelo barged in to the Fulham player with decent force I think that would have been a little soft. That one was similar to the Forest one on Yates yesterday.
  5. Looking for 2 Fender tickets at SJP if anyone can help 😂
  6. Alberto2005

    Footy trivia

    I can add in the text box surnames allowed or something to highlight that 👍
  7. Alberto2005

    Footy trivia

    Cheers will add this 🙂
  8. Alberto2005

    Footy trivia

    Haha jesus, is that Barry good spot!
  9. Alberto2005

    Footy trivia

    Kind of, the first 10 are under level 1, second 10 players under level 2 and last 10 under level 3. But currently levels 2 and 3 are too easy, I plan to make them harder over the next few weeks.
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