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  1. Have you stopped using player stats? I still use that and did so just then to get the information I needed for those kind of bets.
  2. I'm having a go at this aswell: De Jong over 76.5 passes, Holland over 13.5 shots & Holland win @ 11/4.
  3. Stepanenko, Nikolov, Bardhi trixie. Ukraine, Allioski card, 3.5+ cards & Yarmalenko SOT @ 16/1.
  4. Finland double chance, Turkey, Italy @ 9/1.
  5. Rudiger, Gosens, Pogba card trixie.
  6. A lot of talent but doesn't have the right attitude to produce consistently.
  7. PP £5 free bet on Walker/Brozovic cards returns £120. 365 £5 free bet on Croatia/Rebic anytime returns £70.
  8. It'll be Stones & Mings if Maguire isn't fit I reckon.
  9. Ferguson documentary. Pretty good.
  10. I saw him as our best replacement for Kane, I wouldn't be confident playing DCL or Watkins.
  11. Greenwood out aswell now, big miss that imo.
  12. To you it might be yeah, to these guys who have been playing football since 6/7 years old dreaming of winning the Champions League and 15-20 years of hard work later they get to the final and lose not knowing if they'll get another chance. They'll be devastated in that moment.
  13. Finals aren't for losers, raw after you've lost I'm not surprised they aren't wearing their runner up medals with pride.
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