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  1. Young/Soyuncu cards @ 20/1.
  2. Bamford's fit again though, that will surely help.
  3. Think it won't matter, at that point he'll need 10 cards for a ban.
  4. Collins, Semedo, Dendoncker 170/1 card treble.
  5. Any suggestions on the other games regarding cards?
  6. How much do people think we'll actually spend in January? I'd be surprised if it's over 50m in actual transfer fees, expect a lot of loans.
  7. Pretty sure he meant it despite his celebration looking as if he was like not sure what happened.
  8. For what? Goal and card?
  9. He's literally been doing the same impressions for about 20 years.
  10. Paul Jewell maybe? Is he still working?
  11. Why is that bad? Fornals only had 1 right?
  12. Is Martinez really that bad? Doesn't he at least play decent football, would surely be still a big upgrade on Bruce for a season or two.
  13. You legend I put a fiver on it.
  14. Yeah same, I really wanted Saunders he's really funny but he's just done Sheffield.
  15. I'm going to the Manchester one, no guest announced currently. Brown doesn't talk too much about Sunderland in the podcasts usually, he did more so when they first started.
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