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  1. You can't be serious. The majority of people on here have balanced views and have said there's a chance this could happen, but at the same time understand that this saga has been going on for 18 months now with no approval. Furthermore, the people who apparently ITK like good old Keith have repeatedly got dates wrong probably because his source hasn't got a fucking clue either, yet he's treated like some god for some reason. Now we've got more delays and it doesn't appear things are progressing in our favour. It still may happen, but this nonsense about it definite
  2. I don't really feel anything this time around, I didn't for one second think it was going to happen anyway.
  3. Alberto2005


    Sounds like he's lying.
  4. She's hardly going to say she's not very confident on live radio, especially to Simon Jordan who slated her last week. I'm not convinced it will happen and I think her coming out in public to try and put pressure on the PL also suggests she's not totally confident either. I suppose there's always a chance, fingers crossed.
  5. Italy to lift the trophy, Chiesa anytime & Emerson card @ 45/1.
  6. Not nervous at all tbh Was same for Denmark, will probably feel it once it kicks off.
  7. Free £10 bet on Draw/Mount card @ 25/1.
  8. I'm reasonably confident we'll win, ironically I thought we'd lose to Germany. Whenever I start having doubts I just remind myself we have better players, and to come to a reasonably full Wembley as an away side is going to take one hell of a performance to overcome.
  9. Same, but Italy, Chiesa anytime & Alba booked @ 25/1.
  10. He's adamantly maintained the takeover will definitely happen regardless of any negative events that have happened. He's not a WUM in any sense
  11. Germany to win on pens/Kimmick assist @ 95/1. Goretzka 2 SOT @ 9/1. Over 3 cards both teams, Kroos card & England win in normal time @ 14/1.
  12. Fuck off France. Cashed out when they got that pen, better not come back to win.
  13. France to win, over 1 goals in match & Elvedi card @ 14/1.
  14. Spain, Modric over 58 passes, Kovacic card @ 14/1.
  15. £5 Witsel/Jota in play card bet @ 25/1.
  16. Jota 1 SOT @ 1/1. Got free £5 in play bet.
  17. Italy/Under 4 goals @ 21/20. Italy/Insigne assist/Immobile anytime & under 4 goals @ 18/1.
  18. Stuck a quid on that. Interestingly Schmeichel has been booked in his previous 2 games against Wales. 14/1 on 365. Gone Schmeichel, Allen, Hojbjerg card trixie.
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