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  1. Numbers

    Steve Bruce

    Managers who are 'Experienced in a Relegation Battle' have generally been so shit at being a manager thats all they achieve, that the sum of their season, thats their playground. They're 100% going to lose that battle at some point.
  2. Numbers

    Steve Bruce

    Play on the front foot as he takes our only Striker off, what a cunt.
  3. Numbers

    Steve Bruce

    Someones got to start somewhere man and the weeks international break was a perfect time, if thats Jones, whoever, just make a fucking statement. The fat fuck has got to 1000 miserable games to the detriment of the nufc.
  4. Numbers

    Steve Bruce

    Why the fuck they thought it was a good idea to keep him on is anyones guess, I understand things cant change overnight (Bruceys told us this for 2 years) but to let him stink the place out even more....why, I just dont get it.
  5. I'd honestly only keep ASM and Wilson, rest of this rabble are fucking terrible
  6. Yep asking for Gayle to be put on despite us making all our subs
  7. He doesnt deserve it? His record is fucking terrible of course he deserves it fucking hell.
  8. Bruce still clueless as to how to change anything, sitting on his fat hands.
  9. We're just wandering around the pitch at this point
  10. Makes sense, all them days off under Bruce takes its toll I guess, the idle cunt.
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