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  1. Whats the point in having a technical area if this fucker just runs around the stadium at will.
  2. Arteta being a prick again, hes up and down the line like a fucking linesman, they need to reign him in hes a massive bell end.
  3. People posting Luke Edwards twitter shit please stop hes fucking clueless, I worked hard to get myself blocked.
  4. Kiss of Death for Forest there.
  5. Its like they do the lines on a fucking etcha sketch.
  6. just ran through, 0 effort from Forest defenders
  7. Right everyone, nothing to see here, lets all meet in the Gordon Thread and discuss how he wears shit clothes, has shit hair, is a rat and isn't good enough for us.
  8. Bit of Quality from Isak changed the game, if Longstaff and Willock want to stay in the team they need to learn to fucking finish, shocking.
  9. Fucks sake, anyone pissing themselves check the stats for the game some donkey shit finishing aside we've been all over them, stuff we could only dream of under Brewcie.
  10. We need to address the fact that our midfielders couldnt hit a cows arse with a shovel, plenty of chances sent to space.
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