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  1. FM2021 free on Amazon Gaming (If you have Prime) https://gaming.amazon.com/home Scroll down to full games.
  2. Looking from the outside in, its the Alex Hurst trust not the Newcastle United Trust.
  3. ASM was lazy as fuck, loads of times he didnt even bother to press.
  4. Since Howe came in we have had some fucking disgusting individual errors like. Minging by Clark, fucker should be sent to the North Pole in his underpants.
  5. We need Almiron on like, we need more energy going forward imo.
  6. Still in disbelief of how fucking thick Clark is, we have looked so much more organised in defence since Fede came on.
  7. Numbers


    Just booked my booster, 6k in front of me waiting to book. Got a date of 11th Dec.
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