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  1. I think the problem that the FA have is that this is pretty much as close to match fixing as a manager can get. I'm not suggesting that MMc had that in mind - I see his reasoning, although I don't agree with it.
  2. Apologies if it's been mentioned already but, surely the timing of this announcement is important. It came at the same time as the appointment of Hughton as manager and Ashley staying on as owner. I guess this news was meant to overshadow both. It may be that after a suitable period of deflection that it will announced that Ashley won't rename the stadium because the Geordies didn't want it. In the mean time the main news has been glossed over. Alternatively, in Ashley's world, everything has its price. If, in the unreal world, we were offered £100million per year for the stadium naming rig
  3. In the Iron Bar after the match, the Scunny supporters I spoke to thought Jonas was way better than anyone else on the pitch (based on his second half showing) with Enrique not far behind. They also thought Smith was a class player, and that Scunthorpe had ridden their luck.
  4. I think, rather than relegation fights being preferable, it's more a case that they are an inevitable result of gambling and losing.
  5. In my opinion they haven't, I can't remember them discussing the comments made by anybody who wasn't anti-Ashley, they went straight to the next person. I've listened to what they put out onto the internet and they didn't appear to debate anything which wasn't against Ashley, Llambias or Wise. You've posted something from Peasepud, he isn't even adult enough to mention the name of Llambias without having a childish dig at him and that is pathetic from a committee member of a group calling themselves a supporters club. That childish dig just made me think they sound like a bunch of s
  6. For those of you who think it's only the word 'just' that is offensive in 'you're just a town full of pakis', try this simple exercise: get on a plane to New York and take a cab to the Bronx. Once there, stand in a group and shout 'this is a town full of niggers, town full of niggers'. When any locals come to complain, tell them you didn't say that "this is a town just full of niggers, but we were stating that this is a town full of niggers, which, as I'm sure you'll agree, is a fact." See if they see it your way. Try 'spics' instead of 'niggers' if you prefer. It's fairly simple: if you'
  7. Scunthorpe produced Keegan. Sorry this doesn't help your argument.
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