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  1. Maybe a long shot because I’m sure there’s plenty already doing it, but if there’s enough going could we hire a room somewhere? Save us trying to squeeze into somewhere that’s already packed out.
  2. This is basically level 7 Gallowgate confirmed? Can’t see what other way they’d go.
  3. Fuck me what great news!! I feel like I’ve been dreaming since the takeover man I really do.
  4. I’m meeting you Mike whether you want it or not. I’ll find you.
  5. Decky

    The Last of Us

    Finished it there. I played Left Behind just after the university bit where it slots in perfectly. What a class game man. There has to be more to this story after Part 2 about Ellie and her potential to be a cure though.
  6. Will there be any of these tout wankers knocking about SJP before the Liverpool game by any chance?
  7. Same. I'm hoping for something with a big screen and built for crowds.
  8. I'm debating whether or not to even go to Newcastle now unless I've actually got a ticket for something. Hate the idea of trying to squeeze into a jammed pub but being in Newcastle is obviously a lot better than being at home for it even with that. Was thinking maybe just head over for the trophy parade if we win.
  9. Has anything ticketed about the city been announced?
  10. @gbanditenjoy the rest of the game mate.
  11. Lying is not far fetched because you did lie, you said you have proof and you don't. You keep saying you've laid a traitor on a plate, lets see at 7 how that's worked out for you. Me being faithful tonight doesn't mean Beren will go tomorrow because he has so many of yous on strings. He posted from a burner account yesterday and got caught manipulating someone today yet he was no where near getting voted out either night, and he won't be tomorrow either.
  12. Because originally you weren't suppose to know Beren was heavily involved in STM's decision. STM was supposed to have irrefutable evidence, something we now know that they both lied about having. Originally STM was to paddle his own canoe with this and then when I'm faithful at 7 tonight yous all target him tomorrow. Beren picked someone he knew would go along with it and if it works out he gets rid of a faithful tonight, then another tomorrow without any of us really knowing he was involved. It probably would have worked out perfectly had STM not done an STM and posted a screenshot of the private messages.
  13. This woman made it to Prime Minister.
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