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  1. I’m a bit meh about it for a few reasons. Ireland didn’t make it, COVID has kinda killed the atmosphere in the pubs for it, I’ve been working for a lot of it and to be honest it hasn’t been a great tournament so far anyway. Couple of stand out games and moments but so many days have just been a bit boring.
  2. The Spurs job will probably be available after the World Cup again anyway.
  3. Spurs are going to go back years this summer. Losing Kane and almost seem destined to make a bad appointment with the manager.
  4. Decky


    I’d a bad night of side effects after my first one (haven’t got 2nd yet) but out of the dozens of people who I know got it only about three others had side effects, everyone else was grand.
  5. Talk now that the DUP might nominate yet another new First Minister which takes us back to square one. Also talk that they might threaten to bring the Assembly down anyway if the British gov doesn't tear up the NI protocol. Stop the world and let me off.
  6. They had to sacrifice someone to get passed the Irish language barrier. It was a choice between Irish language or no devolved government, not sure what else he was supposed to do really. Anyway, one bigoted dinosaur out only to be replaced by another. It'll be Sir Jeffery next I'd imagine.
  7. Absolutely disgusting but I respect it man.
  8. Decky


    Yeah I guess that's right but I suppose long term it stops you getting it if it has an effect on transmission. Either way I'm pretty sure if you're reasonably healthy you won't die or get very ill from COVID if you've had any of the vaccines on offer.
  9. Decky

    2018 - Finished

    COVID has kinda fucked everything. No E3 last year and has the majority of the stuff announced in 2019 come out? Things were getting delayed like mad last year and some games that were supposed to be out by now like the new Horizon game don't even have a release date. Are Sony doing anything this week? I know they don't do E3 anymore but are they doing their own?
  10. Decky


    AZ is only 60% effective against Delta? I thought it was 80%? Plus lets say it is 80, isnt that a 80% protection against catching COVID? Serious illness and death is much higher isnt it?
  11. Decky


    So if we get to September that’s it until next Spring? Where’s the logic there if people are vaccinated? Vaccination is the only route out of it so once everyone who wants it takes it we should be opening up regardless of what time of year it is surely?
  12. Subscribe to him man and check out his other videos, hes great.
  13. Has anyone on here been following the Rate My Takeaway guy on YouTube? His channel has exploded in the last month. I’m addicted to this shit, love watching it.
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