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  1. Just bunch of individuals - barely any teamwork whatsoever
  2. Juve 1-0 AC lighening counter - Morata
  3. Mikky

    Cricket 2.0

    Not sure - maybe it’s jiust the home of T20 cricket like Lords (99% of the time) is for the 50 over game? By far the most atmospheric stadium in England
  4. Was quite shocked that they barely spent any money in the summer Thought they would have got a 2/3 decent money signings to supplement Gray/Townsend
  5. Agree that the need to move on the likes of Pique, Sergi Roberto and Alba especially - Busquets can probably do a part time job for a few years They have a batch of really talented players coming through who should be given a chance now Doesn’t help when you cannot count on Messi, Griezmann, Fati and Dembele - that’s the biggest area of concern - don’t look like scoring - furthermore you have basically Steve Bruce as your coach who isn’t budging for the sake of the club then pretends he’s a supporter
  6. Mikky


    I just find it impossible to split the 3 - all have given so much joy over the years - their accomplishments have been quite different too which makes it more special to me - 3 completely different styles too which goes to show you can reach the top in different ways Would love to know how many GS Slams each has missed over the years - could have made a difference to the current numbers
  7. Mikky


    Medvedev should end up with a few slams - just needed to get the 1st one out of the way
  8. This Roma/Sassuolo game has been brilliant
  9. Mikky


    That performance was unreal
  10. Another defeat for Juve - very good this could be an epic title race
  11. I just don’t see a reason for benching him - there’s literally no need - NUFC is one of the most gimme fixtures around
  12. He just played 90 mins for Portugal a week ago - looked to be fully fit, had a week training with the squad - is one of the all time greats - he didn’t come to Man U for Ole to put him on the bench for no reason - especially against pathetic opposition like us
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