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  1. Marco Rose is (or was) very close to signing with them. Tuchel could change that though. But I have a feeling Tuchel won’t go there straight away.
  2. Chelsea probably dodge the bullet with this as Tuchel is notoriously very hard person to work with. I was very happy when he was appointed after Klopp at BVB. Definitely the best man for the job at that point and very exciting future ahead with him. However he only did well for one season and the second season was just full of bad decisions, odd tactical decisions and fighting with the board. He did win the German Cup which was obviously great archievement but he still got sacked because he was so difficult person to work with. He’s excellent cup manager and could do really well at managing national team but in long-term he makes everyone tired around him. I think that is the reason he got sacked (again). He throws everyone around him under the bus as excuse for his behaviour.
  3. You are probably right. It’s hard to not to worry about relegation after going through all these years. Most of here that slag me off have come around when PIF arrived and don’t really understand what it is to worry all the time for relegation. I had to switch off for years because it just felt there was not any joy with this club.
  4. You must have really nice life so you can bully others in the internet
  5. Funny thing here. Did I say anything bad about players or Howe?
  6. I did not write anything bad about Howe or any of the players. Just that I AM BIT worried. I’m sorry for my feelings, didn’t realize that I was getting bullied like back in school.
  7. I was absolutely sure I would get this hostile and angry response, are we really the best fans in the world? I just said I’m worried because one win in 6 games - and this is what I get. I’m not going to write anything here anymore. Don’t like this place so much anymore after I just said I was worried.
  8. We have not won in 5 games, I’m getting worried we’re back in relegation fight soon. Just wanted this season to be different.
  9. I’m almost sure we will push for Chelsea’s loan players until the very end.
  10. Chelsea is close to signing Aubameyang which probably makes Broja available on loan (or permanently). Another player possibly available today if we plan to play Isak on the right side.
  11. I don’t know whether we were ever interested on Memphis Depay but he might one of the better players seriously available today.
  12. It would be amazing to go for Gladbach’s Kone today. Gladbach is not a big club and Kone would be available for decent fee (compared to British market). He doesn’t play for France but regular starter at Gladbach so working permit should be ok.
  13. I think so too, should be planes landing right about now if we’ll sign someone abroad.
  14. Yes, I think you are spot on. And now he is completely out of loop so it makes him even bitter.
  15. What the hell is this? Never expected something like this from Howe. Just lost of words, what the hell is that starting XI?!?
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