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  1. They’ve got the usual away section and the L7 corner so just the 8 Milburn L7 blocks left which I’d imagine will go on sale tomorrow.
  2. All lower bowl sold out now. looks like they must have the normal away section and the L7 corner.
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    Lyn Spencer. She was a teacher at my secondary school in the late 80's. Married that baldy c*** Roger Thames iirc It was Paddy McDee.
  4. Because it didn’t look a fifth down, and in anyway 42,000 turned up at a boycott, a waste of fucking time man. It did like. Lots of areas with huge swaithes of empty seats. Back of the Gallowgate, Upper Leazes, all over Level 7, Platinum club all well under 80% occupied and loads of 2s, 3s and 4s empty dotted around the rest of the ground, even in the central seats in the East Stand. I think low 40k or in other words 80% full looked about right. Certainly no more than that. Much less people inside than at any game last season and we dipped to 48k v Burnley as a comparison. Also the s
  5. After supporting them all my life and nigh on 40 years a ST holder I along with my wife and two sons cancelled the DD's in January. My sister and brother in law are not renewing. My next door neighbour, a platinum club member from day one isn't and i know of at least 8 more who have catagorically told me if that if Rafa leaves they will also not be renewing. This is my small circle of friends, I believe the folk saying there'll be 50,000 present against Arsenal are in for a shock.
  6. For the folk asking where's this and that here's an insight as to what happened. We talked about this last year and actually started the gofundme 5 months ago and out it on our Twitter etc. I can't remember the exact figure but in the first month it slowly got up to £700 or so., but then with all the anti Ashley and pro Rafa campaigns it was put on the back burner. We thought about abandoning the idea and giving the money back or giving it one last blast thinking it would crawl along and we'd do it for next season all being well with Rafa. With this in mind we told Dan our designer he had mon
  7. It's a Greggs shop, we didn't want to fully advertise it so we just put their logo on
  8. Basically lads the timelines are incredibly tight, we ordered yesterday due to getting the design sorted, it's going to take 270 hours printing then needs sewing together. It won't be ready until the morning of the 2nd and we need it in toon by Friday night or early sat am at the latest . We don't yet know what time the Liverpool game is, it could be 12.30, nobody's sure. We can't leave it to chance on the day so we need a trial run getting it out and in so we thought it better to collect ourselves so it's totally in our own hands. The price I was quoted for haulage was £1200 and we've had
  9. Now there's an idea, imagine if we added Penshaw monument 😂
  10. Be next season now, we're doing brilliant but still need a hell of a lot more. We'll still be doing displays this season though, we wont stop just because we're fundraising for the giant flag.
  11. Absolutely, places like Consett and especially Stanley are pretty much mag. I'm 56 so I remember when everything south of the Tyne was Co Durham.
  12. Nothing's finalised yet but to be fair there's loads of mags in Co Durham. I can't speak for the whole group but for me personally I don't really care what them lot down the road think.
  13. Apparently there's a comments bit on the main gofundme page ? Sorry I'm useless at modern technology !
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