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  1. Genuienly, one of fhe worst PL matches I have watched for a quite a while this. Even some Championship matches are more exciting and less scrappy than this shitfest.
  2. I watched Wood in that first half and he is doing less or hardly any pressing and closing down of defenders and the Leeds keeper compared to how he was playing here. To me, shows how we get our players working off the balls and thus, motivated here. He can't be arsed to do anything like that at Forest now.
  3. nufcjb


    Lighten up guys . The fact he wanted to do have that bit of memory with his family at SJP is special if you ask me. One day, the kid might partner Mateo Bruno in our midfield on that very pitch.
  4. Waking up today and not feeling entirely good. Yes, unbeaten run continues, Wilson scored and Gordon made a good debut. But reality is, in the league, its 1 win in 5 now. Not that its bad, but hopefully we get out of this 'form' soon and not get worse. Players obviously look leggy, and the coaching team probably will have to tweak something to shake up things for the better. Having said that, still proud of how they have performed all season and will be happy with a decent end to this season.
  5. nufcjb

    Anthony Gordon

    Could see he brought something new to the team. All the other players were doing the same things and play but when this lad came on, his ideas and creativity sparked the others into trying something different. We need that now.
  6. Botman and Schar's passing out of defence today was probably the worst I've seen them this season. So many misplaced passes. And do we have a no shoot on sight policy or something? Players are so afraid of pulling the trigger and instead play an extra pass before losing the ball.
  7. Piss poor and a frustrating performance that. Ball.in the net 38 seconds into the match and then the players went missing for the remainder of the 93 minutes. Similar level to the Sheff Wednesday defeat, only that this was our 1st team minus Bruno and Isak ffs.
  8. Can see this slipping away from us to be honest. If we play like we did in the 2nd half against Southamptin, this West Ham side are far much better to punish us.
  9. In a way, I'm glad that clean sheet record and 1st half clean sheet stuff is done now. So we can atleast defend naturally. But we are so poor trying to move forward. Tired legs and minds.
  10. This is so painful to watch. Giving the ball away so easily. Lack of intensity.
  11. Please please please Liverpool continue to be shit against us.
  12. If Everton win, hopefully we take advantage well.
  13. nufcjb

    Anthony Gordon

    Ffs. If its true, what an absolute bellend. Hope Schar chins him now.
  14. nufcjb

    Anthony Gordon

    Saw a video somewhere, has he got his hair done or something?
  15. Actually, you're a bit right but it was Lua Lua with 2, Shearer and Solano.
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