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  1. nufcjb

    Kieran Trippier

    Can actually see Howe giving it to him if Lascelles is out for a while depsite Jonjo usually being the vice captain.
  2. I don't fucking care now how much he is going to cost. We need a proper CB. Van Djik cost more than this. Fuck sake, that Magguire shit at Man U cost a lot of money to be shit. I'd rather be paying a lot of money for a proper CB like this guy than £15m for Phil fucking Jones! We're the richest club in the world and we need to get out of the mess we're in. Pay whatever it may cost because that dosh is worthless in the Championship.
  3. Under the lights. Hoping they haven't sorted their manager appointment by then too.
  4. City are so good when they're up for it. Pure class.
  5. nufcjb


    Fucking hell. Proper laughed at that one. I did say early in January that we were a Joelinton injury away from having a shit midfield. Would hope even if his injury isn't bad, we'll still get a CM in.
  6. Two games that I have missed since the takeover, Jonjo has scored. Liverpool and Leeds away.
  7. Come on Watford! Sack Ranieri and get Steve Bruce in! One of England's best managers in the last 100 years or something. Where are all his media mates when he needs them to vouch for him as usual?
  8. Truly feel we are the worst team in the league. Absolutely hopeless.
  9. Sorry. Was he a free agent yesterday and now a Lille player today? Why the fuck were we not trying to get him in? Atleast until the end of the season. God I hate Lille. Not selling Botman and then getting HBA.
  10. Why is this thread at the top? Are we signing him?
  11. I don't know about others. But I have lost most if not all of my enthusiasm following any transfer activity especially after the Cambridge defeat and now the Watford game. I wouldn't have mind if we won both games and we weren't getting anywhere with these transfers. But those matches plus how dissapointing it has been reading we get turned away by clubs and players, I feel really discouraged to follow any potential signings. Even the Wood one that came after the Cambridge loss was less than exciting to follow.
  12. nufcjb

    Rafa Benítez

    Rafa missed his chance to join us to be honest. Not when he decided to join Everton. But when we sacked Bruce and went for him. He stayed blindly loyal to them and his principles when was already obvious it was not working and going to get worse. Yes it would have seem he was after money but he started a project here and rejoining us then would have made sense like he was back to finish the job. Sadly, that train has passed for him and us.
  13. Can't make any major signing aside from Trippier.
  14. nufcjb

    Rafa Benítez

    Weird how we thought at the start of the season, Bruce would be fuming when Rafa's Everton come.here in February and home supporters singing Rafa's song. Little did we know, we'd get takenover, Bruce would be binned and we won't get to see Rafa back here at SJP, not even at Goodison too.
  15. For me, this is a big week. Leeds game aside, if there are no major movements for major players after what the owners have seen against Cambridge and Watford, especially defensive and creative ones, I jusyt wonder if they know how deepshit we are in right now.
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