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  1. Why is the S T and V weirdly have bigger size fonts? Any meaning behind it?
  2. Good on him. I don't want him to constantly save Bruce's ass every single game this season. Let the bacon monster lose his star playet. He'd probably blame Rafa for lost games this coming season too.
  3. Embarassing as fuck that. Gets everything wrong yet preaching others to press Boriss ffs. As if it would matter. Hope people start realising how gobshite he is. Apart fron Whitley Mag and Manorpark of course. The takeover is as good as dead now. It would be stupid as fuck if anyone is putting any hope on the CAT case or arbitration to solve this. Like others have said, everyone should just move on. Get a new deal sorted or something. The PL aren't letting this pass. They're persistent. If they have had enough of all this, they would have passed it and stop fighting our case already
  4. Funny that we go back and forth here on this while the buyers/seller/PL/lawyers/breadmakers are just continuing with their lives as usual. As if they're constantly trying to 'keep it in the public eye' when the club statement itself is already a week old and we've heard nothing apart from that statement and a tweet from the buyer's husband. They even said they won't make further comment. You'd think there'd be more pressure being applied 'in the public's eyes' rather than a few tweets here and there about things directly/indirectly related to us that's not even from the buyers/sellers.
  5. Got to text with one of my mates. He went to the match last night. Asked him how was the overall feeling among the fans last night. And I was furious with his answer. Basically said, 'we all went to have a good time. Fuck the pandemic. Takeover? Well, Mike tried to sell the club, PL not approving, so isn't Mike's fault. Bruce? Not the players fault we have him as manager. We need to back the boys so that takeover wont fail if we stay in the PL. Great time. Waiting to get back to SJP and play our part. Missed it very much. Basically, support the team, regime can stay on hold'.
  6. Absolute shit that from Keith. Just shut the fuck up. Keeps peddling all kinds of supposed developments when in actual fact, nothing is happening. Even if something is happening, the people involved are not going to keep him in the loop because of his gob can't be kept shut.
  7. nufcjb

    Steve Bruce

    I have never, ever seen someone use tje wors 'difficult' as much as this guy. Every press conference, every intwrviee he does, he has the same script and that word in particular is used for as many questions be it related to transfers or players, or the weather or covid. He even managed to snuck it in when complaining about the club's canteen closing during the pandemic. Steve Difficult Bruce.
  8. Juve 3rd kit Lazio away Man City away West Brom away Sheffield Wednesday home and away Blackburn Rangers away
  9. I'd rather use some of that money to pay Steve Bruce and tell him to fuck off. A waste buying Kane for Bruce.
  10. Yeah, I get that. I don't believe it myself that everything he posts has to do with us. He has other cases but it seems some of our fans like to decrypt whatever he posts. It's almost a year since he has been doing that and still we are owned by Fat Mike so people really should stop looking for clues in his images.
  11. Until the day he wins the case and we get takenover, he is a nobody to me. Messi of sports law? Well, the PL sure have the C.Ronaldo of sports law on their side coz this 'Messi' is getting his ass kicked down the road repeatedly. He'll be a Messiah, never mind Messi if he can break this bleak curse that NUFC is under. Nothing good happens to NUFC. Change that, then i'll give a fuck about his art work for the rest of my life.
  12. Aye, nothing will.change anytning regarding any takeover for us.
  13. Juve away Inter away Lyon 3rd Benfica 3rd Union Berlin Leeds
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