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  1. Great news, but this one reply on Twitter: "Great news but why aren’t we all fitted with one incase that happens to us ?" I mean, people don't want vaccines but they want an ICD fitted in their healthy hearts?
  2. England is doing an England, shoehorning in players that doesn't really work together and doing an either/or between players like Foden and Graelish. Just put out the players that form the best team and have the best chemistry, you don't need to put the 11 biggest names out there at the same time.
  3. There couldn't have been more time. Rafa's people approached NUFC and that approach is what led to McClaren being sacked. Without Rafa stating his interest, we'd likely have seen the season out with McClaren.
  4. Hate to be a party pooper but that wasn't a pen.
  5. T-Mobile offers that in the US. Get T-Mobile, @Mike
  6. Ball hadn't gone and Isak would've made uit easily at his pace, foot got stuck by Dubs and he flopped to the ground, doesn't make it less of a penalty. Reckless tackle as well, freekick any day outside the box so penalty any day inside the box. And also, yes. You could actually get a penalty against you if a player not involved in play did something that breaks the rules of play against another player not involved in play. The ball wouldn't need to be in the box even if the incident happened inside it.
  7. Because he denied the Swede a clear goalscoring opportunity. Clearest pen I've seen in ages and I wanted the Slovaks to win.
  8. Their main issue is, understandably enough, that he ridiculed them and called them a small club. I think if that hadn't happened their opposition to him wouldn't be as massive as it is now.
  9. Just realized Lubomir Satka is playing for Slovakia.
  10. Made a post a while back regarding how it's seemingly only the PL that can't utilize VAR correctly and the 'cause simply has to be that the PL refs are dogshit.
  11. It's the dumbest fucking argument. "oOOOoooOo, DIET Coke? With a cheeseburger?! You on a diet?!" Well, yeah, the cheeseburger itself has a shitload of calories. I don't want any more when sugary coke taste like concentrated liquid shit anyway. 0.5l of sugar-shit Coke is 200 fucking calories.
  12. He's off to Nice, it's why he resigned in the first place.
  13. I am so sad we didn't get to witness Gattuso managing in the PL.
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