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  1. What's that? Three points off safety with 23 matches to go? But we were 100% going down, wasn't it? Eh?
  2. Kaizero


    Results and reports in, upwards to 100 of the 120 infected - all fully vaccinated, all Omicron. Two people who had traveled in South Africa prior to the Christmas party are the culprits.
  3. Kaizero

    NFL 2021

    It's a 1 in 70,000,000,000,000 chance
  4. I need that, if only to resell it on eBay
  5. Only got as far as the warning before I nope'd out of that story. I can't deal with stories like that.
  6. I had top 0.1% of listeners of Kanye West, Bo Burnham was number two on my list. Frank Ocean on there as well. I may have been quite depressed this year
  7. Apropos of nothing, but how is John Carew viewed in hindsight by Villa fans?
  8. I am very entertained. Martin Short and Steve Martin are always delightful, and then Sting turns up out of fucking nowhere
  9. Kaizero

    NFL 2021

    Texans, Chargers, Broncos
  10. What happened to thread one?
  11. Kaizero


    Yep, but says they're still awaiting results on if it's the Omicron variant or not.
  12. Not sure what to call it, but I'd want to be doing what Bodø/Glimt are doing where the system is what works - not really the players (though them being good helps as well ). Essentially, if the LW drops out/gets sold, the reserve/replacement LW will know exactly what the LW role is meant to do and as such there won't really be an issue plugging the hole as everyone pulls in the same direction. Last season their front tree seemed irreplaceable, they sold them all and this season their new front tree seem irreplaceable - but they're not, which has been proven when injury has struck. They just pl
  13. At least there's some things we can agree on What an absolutely immense plonker
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