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    How are the Yanks getting into Europe? Genuine question, I need to bring some over
  2. I mean, they're watching The Matrix movie in universe in the trailer. There's some shenanigans going on there.
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    Lenny’s Lasses

    I mean, the only special thing is that she's wearing a see-through dress. She's obviously not ugly, I just don't get the Internet losing their collective shit when it's essentially downgraded version of what we saw in Transformers over a decade ago. She is keeping really well for having popped out like, what, three kids though? That's insane.
  4. As if you wouldn't have the Gronk 10 out of 10 times if you had the choice.
  5. I, for one, also like the Bills and wish them well. Juice4ever.
  6. https://sports.yahoo.com/washington-football-team-president-new-name-logo-2022-230901040.html Members had a vote over these names in April: Monarchs Presidents Wild Hogs Riders Capital City Football Club Redwolves Aviators Wayfarers Ambassadors Griffins Warriors Armada Rising Swifts Commanders Pilots Rubies Renegades DC Football Club
  7. Lions, Raiders, Football Team
  8. They've sorted a lot, if not most, of their issues.
  9. Dallas just didn't have Dak last season, now he's back and they'll not be shit until he breaks something else soon.
  10. Let's go Gronk and Brady
  11. Thoughts with you, Mike. Always here for you if you need anything.
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