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  1. Would have preferred that they embarrass themselves relentlessly for a few more weeks before caving, but oh well. This will do.
  2. I've only just now remembered that me showing up on the broadcast at Stamford Bridge when Cisse scored that ridiculous goal and the "oldtype in public" thread are two entirely separate incidents. They had merged into one in my mind.
  3. Thanks Kanji! I feel all warm and fuzzy inside to find that basically nothing on here has changed.
  4. These are going to be very difficult to explain to my infant daughter when she's old enough to use the internet.
  5. I wouldn't know. I haven't watched a minute of Football for years. I had to google Sunderland to find out they were relegated.
  6. Here's another example: people in Asia are obsessed with Leeds and their return to the Premiership. Leeds' fall and time in the lower leagues was such a compelling storyline, the slang term "Leeds" literally got added to the Korean language in the early aughts. It means "bygone days of glory." A bunch of kids use it now with no conception of where it came from. A bunch of people in Korea who've never watched football before know who Alan Smith is because he's the "Leeds guy" You lose all of these side stories that make the product compelling in a Super League. Add it all up and it ma
  7. There will never be another Merseyside derby. Or at least not a meaningful one, given that the Premier League will become a glorified reserves competition. Rooney scoring the hat trick to win Man United the title against West Ham loses a bunch of meaning when people probably won't even remember what West Ham is in five years time. It doesn't feel like it now, but these things matter in the long run.
  8. We should unilaterally declare that the Intercities Fairs Cup counts as one Super League trophy for us.
  9. Won't deny that I used to be a good deal more obsessed than others but even for the relatively "casual" section of international fans the history is a huge draw. People want to be able to talk about legends, and rivalries, and famous games and all of that loses a good deal of meaning when everyone is starting from nothing in a Super League. I think even people who say that they like the idea now will have a change of heart once they see the actual product.
  10. This is precisely the misconception that will have led to the creation of the Super league, and precisely why it might fail. International fans are attracted to European clubs because they have the one thing their local clubs can never have: a history of storylines accumulated over the course of a century. When I still cared about NUFC, I would obsess over the Derby and laugh at RTG threads on here just like everyone else. Asian Liverpool fans go nuts over the Merseyside Derby even though the vast majority have never been to Liverpool (or probably even met a real life Everton fan.)
  11. As others have noted in this thread, this is the first football news that's interested me in ages. Aside from the general shamefulness of the endeavor, the Super League clubs are playing with fire here in terms of viability of the product. It's a very delicate combination of factors - storylines, traditions, atmosphere etc. - that makes sporting events feel meaningful. So it's generally a bad idea to mess with a formula that's working to this extent. Take these "big six" clubs out of their natural habitat, into a strange artificial league, bereft of their traditional rivalries a
  12. I have not followed the club for about three seasons now. I haven't watched any of the games under Bruce, I barely recognize anyone on the current squad (or basically any football player younger than 23 at this point). Was kind of half-looking forward to, half-dreading coming back to the club while it looked like a takeover was close both last summer and this summer. I have to say life has been a lot less stressful since I just gave up. I suppose this makes me a bad fan, but once the club made it clear that it had stopped trying, I think fans are fully within their rights to reciprocate
  13. So I have a baby coming in July, and I'm a nervous wreck right now wondering what state the hospitals will be in by then. I have to stay here to work regardless, but I'm pondering whether my wife should go back to Korea so she can deliver there (she can probably just start her parental leave early.) Internally we've decided to give it a few more weeks before we decide, but I'm deathly afraid that if things really go to shit here, Korea will close its borders completely or all commercial air travel will stop, and she'll be stuck here. I really don't want to have my wife go into labor in a
  14. He has literally no standards whatsoever for appointment, both the the federal bench and to important government positions. If I was American and was willing to hang around a lot of fed soc meetings, I could probably get nominated to something right now. Lots of 20-somethings and 30-somethings ending up in positions that are way over their heads.
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