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  1. oldtype

    Chris Wood

    We supposedly have infinite money so really, what do you care what his transfer fee was. He could have cost 2.5 mil and it would be of no difference to us. Just a few more quid going out of a bottomless bank account in the Cayman Islands somewhere.
  2. oldtype

    Rafa Benítez

    I don’t think a club that’s 3-5 years away from contending for anything (and possibly even facing a year in the championship) should be appointing a manger in his sixties.
  3. Hopefully pans out better than the last Haidara we signed.
  4. I've been reduced to googling "football release clause" and seeing what the options are. Really doesn't look like release clauses in the 20-30m range, which seems like what we're going for, are all that commoin.
  5. Was in a similar boat with Chris_R in my old military job and can confirm. It's nothing at all like being in Abu Dhabi. More or less the only exception is embassies where they can get stuff in through diplomatic pouches which aren't subject to customs.
  6. Exactly. The best leverage we have is that we have a half dozen bids in at various places and someone may blink and take the money before you do.
  7. oldtype

    Chris Wood

    If they try to sign a replacement let's just go and hijack that player too just to be safe
  8. oldtype

    Chris Wood

    Trippier cost half as much as this guy Whatever, whatever. It's not my money. He'll do.
  9. oldtype

    Chris Wood

    Also, I love how obviously this signing is a product of Trippier's agent leaking the clause to us, us saying "no thanks", then realizing that we won't have another striker for Saturday and going back to him with "so, about that release clause..."
  10. oldtype

    Chris Wood

    Honestly we should just be trying to identify every release clause in Europe and going after those players given how clubs are trying to take us to the laundry in negotiations.
  11. oldtype

    Chris Wood

    He's a striker, is breathing, and doesn't have a broken leg. I'll take it.
  12. Had completely lost track of all the terrible excuses for a striker who have played for us. How does he only have one Premier League goal
  13. Also really shouldn't let this disturb me anymore but the idea of someone born during the 2002 World Cup now playing professional football reminds me that I'm horribly old now.
  14. Might as well be an FM regen for all I know, but hey, why not.
  15. Fully expected trippier to immediately get injured in this game so as far as I’m concerned it turned out better than expected.
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