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    Anthony Gordon

    As someone else has already noted this sort of "COULD FACE PRISON TIME" stuff is always vastly overblown, but not exactly a great first impression is it.
  2. Just my dumb luck that this momentous occasion falls within the small window where I legally cannot leave the United States. One or two other Koreans are going. So if anyone happens to see an Asian in a Newcastle shirt in line to get in at Wembley, please remember to ask “are you mates with Oldtype?” instead of “are you Oldtype?” As for me, I guess I’ll be on the couch with my daughter, moderately drunk on a Sunday morning.
  3. Lascelles or Dummet. Because it would be hilarious. Bruno and the like will hopefully have plenty of time in the years ahead to score memorable goals for us.
  4. One of the most surreal things about this was finally hearing our fans singing the "tell me ma, me ma" song in a completely unironic way.
  5. I'm honestly so hung up about the fact that I might not be there when we finally win one that I almost don't want us to win, but I will suppress those terribly selfish thoughts for the greater good.
  6. Cup finals. Cannot believe it. Feels like I'm playing Football Manager.
  7. Imagine the state of this forum right now if we were only one goal ahead
  8. Can only imagine how tense the inside of SJP must be right now. Would be so unimaginably horrible if we fucked this up.
  9. Newcastle United kindly reminding us that we're never allowed to be happy.
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