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  1. The first episode was scarily real, the noises, the characters, the scenery etc etc. After episode 1 it lost a bit of that imo, for example the Sean Bean character would never have been bullied like that without someone stepping in, thats not to say bullying doesn't go on, it definitely does but not to people like him who haven't put a foot out of line. He also wouldn't have been in that type of prison for more than about 6 months, let alone his full sentence. Still a superb watch and Stephen Graham, as ever is brilliant (as is Bean).
  2. it's just a tweet, he basically says the legal case is a free hit, win and he gets £100m+ profit, lose and he's had an excuse to not invest for the last 18 months or so.
  3. Edwards talking about £100m potential compo for Ashley, compo from who exactly? £100m would bankrupt the PL would it not?
  4. He lived in the development that used to be la sagesse.
  5. got a message saying he was gone and had agreed £1.7m compen, apparently came from an agent. Looks like it was bollocks though, sadly.
  6. i've been on the forum 15 years plus, i'm not an 'imposter' btw!
  7. Sorry in advance if it was wrong lads!
  8. Just been told he’s resigned with a compensation package. No idea how true.
  9. Nah, the estate agent is Pattinson, this fella is Patterson. I was thinking it’s not going to do his estate agent business any good being a total twat on twitter, but it’s not even him 😂
  10. I’ve read the article, it’s largely just Edwards opinion but he makes a convincing argument for that being the plan.
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