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  1. definitely. We also need the ability to rotate more, so it’s important we have two for each position.
  2. i live in Manchester, i'v been told 'you've got no chance' twice this morning already.
  3. he spends his summers in turkey. he's also a very besiktas type signing. can see this one happening.
  4. Man Utd have improved no end. Can see them doing Arsenal at the weekend.
  5. is it a very busy period for them though? They almost have 2 first elevens, i can't see them caring tbh. I agree there'd be others they'd rather play though.
  6. Man Utd will get top 4 imo. Ten Haag seems to be doing a great job. Obviously hope i'm wrong but they look much more solid to me.
  7. Phillips isn't the best example given he's been injured tbf, but i agree with the point generally. I don't think it's been a great move for Grealish.
  8. his numbers suggest otherwise tbf.
  9. Maddison will go to Man City in the summer imo.
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