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  1. he signed a 1 year extension a couple of months ago, he's contracted up until summer 2023
  2. They fell out the last time they worked together apparently
  3. he's a proper coach who has won trophies and knows the league inside out. He'd be a great appointment imo.
  4. he'd be my choice, perfect for a transition.
  5. it'll be someone with PL experience. I reckon we'll get Rodgers, personally.
  6. Craig Hope reiterates the Rodgers and Gerrard interest in his latest article
  7. His odds have shortened but I can’t see anywhere where he’s odds on
  8. this is a very fair way to look at it. he's also technical director at Belgium and has helped design the training ground, scouting network etc. He'd have an awful lot to offer us at this stage of our journey.
  9. bit extreme he'd be a monumental upgrade on Bruce. then again, so would anyone!
  10. Martinez is favourite now with most bookies.
  11. Craig Hope reckons frank mcparland was here last night and is in the frame to be involved. He's very much Rafa's man.
  12. Yeah that’s true tbf
  13. Definitely don’t want lampard. conte or Rafa would be the ones if it was possible,but I don’t think either are realistic for varying reasons. rodgers,Gerrard would both be good in different ways. my choice would be wenger for a couple of years to transition and help with the academy/training ground restructure and then go from there.
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