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    Sholagol really...
  1. did we ever find out what happened to him, @Wullie? (some bump this btw).
  2. Bakker to discuss personal terms according to the telegraph.
  3. Think we may have a keeper covid issue (based on the fact that none of the main 3 feature in the training pics and Langley was pulled from the 23’s game last night).
  4. lovejoy

    Chris Wood

    He’s not a striker though is he? Thought he was a winger (could be wrong).
  5. absolutely, double figures last 4 season or so. good player and ideal for where we are.
  6. luke edwards reckons its on.
  7. he'd be a very good signing wood.
  8. Edwards reckons we want nketiah or solanke.
  9. 6. a good window (right players signed early) and we’ll stay up. it’s all about January.
  10. Berge was a hell of a coup when Sheffield United signed him but he’s been underwhelming in the championship by all accounts. I’m sure klopp wanted him at Liverpool at one point.
  11. as if he's picking schar over lascelles. 😂
  12. lovejoy


    Good again tonight. Starting to really like him.
  13. he’d be a great signing. 3 or 4 like him (talented and want to move because they really want to play) and we’ve got a real chance.
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