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  1. Had no clue a campaign this bad was happening so close to me.
  2. I'm on Long Island so I've nee fucking clue.
  3. TMobile doesn't work indoors. Just told them to fuck off two months ago.
  4. Most of my mobile data is downloading your incremental food photos motherfucker.
  5. Wearing Led Zep concert tee because I dress like an adult. Dude just asked me if I was there. In 1972. Anyone else dyeing their beards today, like?
  6. Thread count on them graffiti sheets proves him right tbf.
  7. This season of Handmaid's Tale is raw as fuck. God damn.
  8. God, that night when Palace fucking ACTUALLY came in for Pardew.
  9. Just have to accept that we're a selling club and we can't keep Steve. Thanks for the memories gaffer. I wish him well.
  10. Be a shit Liverpool fan if I wanted Everton to appoint Bruce. They'll walk the league if he goes.
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