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  2. Aye I can't believe he had no mates to go drinking with.
  3. I know for a fact you have never once in your entire life felt the emotion joy via the Jets. I'm essentially your age and no. No you haven't. When? That one year like 15 years ago? Howay, man. Bullshit. I'm a Knicks, Bills, Newcastle and Yankees fan. I've had sips of joy from the first three and been blackout drunk from the last. Somehow I'm a miserable sports bastard. But you. You! Fucking hell, man. What are you doing, man. Newcaslte Mets and Jets. That's dead wild. Will you die if you smile? Is that why?
  4. Nah, I'm sorry I have to post again. You've literally never been happy. Like, you haven't been happy since that hour in 1986.
  5. Holy goddamn fuck, Consortium. Holy goddamn fuck. Why do you even watch sports, ffs.
  6. Mad to think that Deuce was the biggest Pard-nonce in the room while we were giving @AyeDubbleYoo pelters.
  7. Yorkie I'm sad to inform you that wor Deuce has a type.
  8. Mike

    Comic Books/Movies/TV

    Genuinely completely forgot about that run.
  9. It's been sixteen fucking years.
  10. That fucking Shakira song, man.
  11. I genuinely hope we asked you what the fuck was your problem when you first showed up here.
  12. Absolute respect. Doesn't the post get hidden at -4? They had to open the fucking thing just to downvote it.
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