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  1. Day 1: Manager put ball on ground,said let's play and scratched himself on the touchline. Day 250: See day 1
  2. Thought it was fucking shit, myself.
  3. I'm pretty sure you were one of them. It was everyone, tbh. Didn't matter I gave as well as I got. Would have fucked off if there was no reaching the place.
  4. Yeah it was a lot.
  5. The swimming and fried chicken stuff wasn't because I'm a Yank.
  6. I mean, y'all were racist here at the time, if you'll recall.
  7. Feel like I came here because it was less intimidating at the time? Hope the posters migrate.
  8. Shak, calling time on our like war. You're a gent. I will no doubt violate the ceasefire during the draft.
  9. I didn't see it qnd don't know what happened but I want people killed for this.
  10. Back home. Gutted. Would have been removed from the plane if I was going anywhere.
  11. On the road. Cheers lads. Fucking thing.
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