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  1. Benghazi was a towel test site. Killary at it again.
  2. "around" 2006. Don't dismiss what 9/11 did to towels.
  3. I like how he started an entire company instead of just throwing out his dryer sheets.
  4. New ep. Active duty Naval officer looking for a new place with his "roomate" Marlon. Just two close lads with impeccable skincare having a laugh.
  5. You can't even say the sentence without sounding mental. There's no normal read.
  6. Stuck at the car dealership watching House Hunters. Cannot fucking wait to eat the rich.
  7. Mike


    Loki was my first clue, and I started talking about it shortly after but it was the Italians singing that made me realize shit was afoot. We reminisce all over the place here. "Now" is shit.
  8. Mike


    Loki posting from my Metro 2033 save and everyone was like "Fleabag is good, like" Was mad.
  9. @CFlan @Consortium of one
  10. Mike


    Sounds promising, tbh. Shit I may actually buy this.
  11. This is a surprisingly entertaining relentless shitfest.
  12. Mike

    Steve Bruce

    Even North Korea is less shameless than this.
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