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  1. I used to go on Keith's legendary trips too. Remember going to Zurich with them via Manchester. Game was Thurs night and didn't get back until Saturday morning after stopping for a lock in at Knottingley. There was hardly a bigger fan when he was going. Maybe John Alder (The undertaker) God rest his soul. Was talking to Keith when he was delivering to my work in his lorry a few years back. He was saying how he didn't even watch nufc on tele anymore and was a regular at South Shields which surprised me given how it's very split territory. Hadn't realised he was from there originally.
  2. "Joe Joe, Joe-J-Joe Joe, Joe-J-Joe Joe-linton" to the tune of no limits? Sounds better in my head than it looks written down ☺
  3. Scoreboard82

    Footy trivia

    Fella gets on "total sport" every Thursday with a football question (guess with Graham). Usually I'm not too keen on it but quite enjoyed last nights. Question was: since the premier league began, can you name the 16 teams to have played in it with one word names? I was stumped on a couple like.
  4. Voted for the current one but the castle keep badge has a very nostalgic place in my heart. Suppose it was out in my early toon supporting years, although we were awful for most of those years. Was worn by KK in his 1st season so it wasn't all bad.
  5. Yip. Can see my, now ex points in my account. Heartbreakingly says 182 points manually removed☹
  6. Great stuff. Can remember coming from behind with 2 late goals to beat Fulham 3-2 on bonfire night in the 83/84 promotion season. Another bedlam inducing comeback.
  7. Most fans of other clubs aren't seriously bothered about about the politics of Saudi Arabia. They just don't like us and will beat us with any stick they can.
  8. Bit of an underwhelming 1st round draw. Marske/Gateshead home to Altrincham. York/Morpeth home to Kettering/Buxton. Good chance of progression I suppose.
  9. On my way over to watch Dunston today and got on the A1 at Westerhope. The Spurs team bus was stuck in the traffic on the northbound side. Bound for the luxury of Seaton Burn Travelodge no doubt.
  10. Carragher hit the bail on the head there when he said Ashley was happy for the club to just drift along.
  11. Gonna be spine tingling, goose bump inducing when that booms out Sunday, followed by that almighty roar.
  12. very Partridge like that one.
  13. Aye, that would be good and appropriate. Turns out the great man was right all along but hell it took some believing when it appeared back then.
  14. Can remember being at the SOS for the derby and in Ashley walked through the turnstiles with his toon top on. Instant chorus of "There's only one Mike Ashley" went up. Obviously we didn't know what the future held. I think doing the dirty on KK meant the fans turned on him. He didn't like it and resented the stick he got. He became the opposition. It was almost as if he was hell bent on getting revenge on the fans after that.
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