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  1. Krul Debuchy Lejeune Coloccini Enrique Tiote Cabaye Ben Arfa Perez Remy Ba Subs: Dubravka, Rondon, Janmaat, Jonas, Schaar, Dummett, Sissoko
  2. I think this is one of the worst performances I've seen by a team. I feel bad for Chris H., but he probably does not have much more time, if they are playing like this.
  3. NoU

    Transfer rumours

    Would not mind given him a real contract, if free it is just a small gamble anyway. Would love for him to get his career back on track, especially with us. I am still sad, when remembering how he was forced out of the club, even though the deal ended up being great for us.
  4. NoU

    Paul Dummett

    Absolutely ridiculous booking for Schar mind, he wants fined for that. He was riled up man, it happens. Humans have emotions which get the better of them. Punishment is ridiculous. I agree
  5. Great for dubravka with a game like this on top of all the criticism. Our most import player imo
  6. NoU


    Seems like a decent lad in the documentary. It would be so funny if it happened and they are probably not in a position to reject offers, if true.
  7. That is a clear penalty in my book. Has to be called back after the miss.
  8. Have Seen them given too often, but that should never be a pen imo.
  9. They were the better side. Denmark been one of the most disappointing and lucky teams in the tournament for me. Rubbish considering some good players. Denmark were definitely lucky against Peru, but I thought they were far better than Australia. I felt like Australia would not score from open play if they played for 5 hours. Peru will run them over, but they might already be out by then if they lose to France.
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