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  1. The king is dead, long live the king đź‘‘
  2. Yes I’m sure opposing defenders haven’t been told to put him on his right side so he’ll cut back up the field as the opposition regroup. Love Miggy but 1 footed! His Magic foot has scored some sex goals mind
  3. I’m coming up on ya! This is the reason for their distraction
  4. Yes, but don’t keep looking for us falling off our perch just yet. We are where we are on merit, in-spite of the odd injured/banned player, sub par performance. We did it a year ago on scraps at times. Our position is justified and the team will fight tooth and nail to maintain it. I too won’t be down if we do not achieve top 4. But I’m living in dream world right now and if the dreams alive, I’ll believe. Just as I believed when we should never have survived relegation on paper last year. the futures bright, the futures black and white!
  5. It’s 1 game. Eddie wants it all, all of it!
  6. Not too bad a baseline to push on from! Isak/Bruno back soon. Gordon settling in
  7. He’s playing “happy”, he’ll grow into his potential with us and Eddie!
  8. They always have to throw a turd in the bath! McTominay!
  9. I think there’ll be plenty of suitors
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