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  1. Takeover didn’t get past the media until they leaked 😏
  2. Guys got goldfish memory. Football tactics ya say!
  3. Not so much the if/when, But the how!
  4. Just “better” than Bruce is not the bar to set! 💩
  5. Just starting his 1st breakfast!
  6. Judging by the state of the man, I’d say pride is lacking somewhat. He has none. The sooner we’re all put out of his misery the better.
  7. Revenue streams you say! I like the sound of this shit
  8. I got Invited up to Newcastle for new year 1996 Staying with a lad called Keiren (lost touch with him years ago) He had tickets for the New Year’s Day match. Newcastle v Leeds I walked into the ground, we won 3-0, went out on the town. My rollercoaster love affair with NUFC started there. Rafa gave us hope and belief. The clubs back and we can dare to dream again. Awake the Kraken
  9. Don’t want that flobby gobbed pantomime dame anywhere near the club.
  10. Did he not say it’s complicated, but was not set in stone? Here’s hoping!
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