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  1. True professionals and driven folk that are determined and have a never say die, persistent winning mentality would never say such things until it was mathematically guaranteed. They wouldn’t want to give anyone a sniff that there is room for complacency because the money bags owners are here to stay whatever!! They aren’t going anywhere. This is a vision to build us up to world dominance by 2030. After all they’ve put up with and still hung in there, 1 year in the champo (and if you believe it would be longer with them at the helm you’re on crack) is not going to put them off. It’ll be a pot
  2. PauloGeordio

    Gary Speed

    It was the way he walked, like a strut, on his toes, and it made Gary Speed look three or four inches taller. When you walk into a dressing room for the first time, players try to suss you out, good or bad, and those early impressions stick. There was confidence there, not arrogance, but a kind of aura. He was measured and quiet to begin with, but his body language said a lot. I didn’t know Speedo as a person, but I remember that strut and I remember thinking, ‘This guy has a bit about him’. I did know him as a player; a proud Welshman, he’d won the title at Leeds United and the
  3. Nothing to see here folks, move along! Dramatic headline click bait sheeeeeiiiiiit
  4. Be funny as if he did like, not for Darlow of course
  5. I know, it’ll take a little getting used to, but is fooking great
  6. "We're aware of the strengths they're going to have but ultimately we're going to Arsenal to win the game. Our aim is to go there, nullify their strengths the best we can but ultimately to go and score goals to give us the best chance of winning the game."
  7. That’s what stood out for me. As well as Dubs in goal
  8. Thought he had a little tickle in his throat
  9. From Gov.Org website: The self-isolation period includes the day your symptoms started (or the day you had the test, if you do not have symptoms) and the next 10 full days.
  10. Think the 10 days do start from first symptoms so yes, skim a few off back for the Arsenal game 👍🏻
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