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  1. Other recent jurisdiction challenges on the CAT site have taken about a month from the hearing to the decision.
  2. Is that really a legitimate national story? It's really not that uncommon for petrol stations to run out fuel. It was fucking obvious what would happen as soon as it was reported, there really should be reporting restrictions on stuff that could potentially lead to / fuel panic buying.
  3. Unfortunately for a lot of leave voters, even if they admit that it's at least in part due to brexit, they see it as worth it and think more British people should be trained to be lorry drivers... and if there's not enough British people who want to do that shitty job then all those lazy dole scroungers should be forced to.
  4. The worst of the repeated bilge is the people commenting that the thread is full of repeated bilge, it's easy enough just not to click on it.
  5. Could be an explanation, equally it could be that they're waiting around for the outcome of the arbitration / CAT or whatever else there may be that we don't know about, to complete the takeover if they can. With the jurisdiction hearing at the end of this month and an outcome of that probably by the end of October, I still have some hope that the takeover isn't dead yet.
  6. But they're unlikely to want to keep the companies active, which involves filing annual accounts and confirmation statements, if they are just remnants of an embarrassing failure.
  7. https://www.gov.uk/strike-off-your-company-from-companies-register/apply-to-strike-off
  8. Of course it suggests something, if they were dissolved PIF would definitely be out, their still being active does suggest that they could still be interested. They might not be, but it suggests that they still could be. If their interest ended 13 months ago, as you think, they would have been dissolved by now.
  9. But they will be dissolved at some point if PIF's interest is over, I don't think it's likely that PIF would just leave them as active companies if their interest were over.
  10. While PZ Newco Limited and NCUK Investment Limited are still active I think there is a good chance that PIF are still interested. I can't see them wanting those remnants of an embarrassing failure to be hanging around if their interest in NUFC is over.
  11. I should really have known better than to try to have a reasoned discussion with Stan.
  12. Not entirely true, there are elements of the formal structure of the deal that are public, such as the companies set up for the deal. Those all still exist and have actively been kept live since PIF withdrew. NCUK Investment Limited (PIF) - Confirmation statement made 20/01/2021 Cantervale Holdings Limited (PCP) - Confirmation statement made 09/02/2021 RB Sports & Media Limited (Reuben Brothers) - Accounting period extended 12/03/2021 PZ Newco Limited (PIF, PCP & Reuben Brothers) - Confirmation statement made 05/01/2021 Also the £150m loan agreem
  13. Not necessarily, the PL also have a rule that says that clubs can't enter other competitions without the PL's permission but they know that rule would not stand up to legal challenge. Which is why the government had to threaten legislation to stop the ESL. The same may well be true of the owners' and directors' test rules.
  14. I mean it's not a public process, it would be between two parties behind closed doors. Just because something has been reported or publicly announced it doesn't commit them to actually going though the formal process of doing that. For example if you're buy a house and you've exchanged contracts and you then decide to pull out of the sale, you can't just make an announcement on twitter that you've decided not to buy the house, you'd need to get your solicitor to formally stop the purchase. If you were to just make a public announcement on twitter that would not either formally wit
  15. It seems that's the basis of the PL's jurisdiction challenge anyway. The basis that an appeal could be made is extremely limited, only on a point of law, right to appeal would have to be granted by the CAT or Court of Appeal and any appeal would not act as a stay on the rest of the case unless the CAT or court orders otherwise. If they lose their challenge the PL could not just make a spurious appeal to delay the case.
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