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  1. QBG

    NFL 2017-18

    Yeah I rarely ever post in here anymore, but would be game for FF.
  2. QBG

    NBA 2016-17 - GSW Win.

    Well I don't know about you guys, but I enjoyed those playoffs
  3. QBG

    NBA 2016-17 - GSW Win.

    Enjoy it now, it's Rex, you know this shit ends in failure of the shittiest fashion possible.
  4. QBG

    NBA 2016-17 - GSW Win.

    To be fair to Warriors fans, this is their second ever draft. Fuck you.
  5. "I pride myself on being a good host so I'm obliged to offer you a beer... but I'm so darn mad it's gonna be mostly head!"
  6. Joy of Sect just been on Channel 4. Love this from Reverend Lovejoy "This so-called new religion is just a pack of weird rituals and prayers, designed to take away the money of fools. "Let us say the Lord's Prayer 40 times and pass the collection plate..."
  7. Undefeated. First in the NFC West. Best defense in the league. 1st in Football Outsiders DVOA. All statistical facts. End the season and give us the trophy now
  8. That was absolutely class. Unbelievable.
  9. QBG


    Words to live by.
  10. QBG


    Not fully sure how to respond Deuce
  11. QBG


    Off to Italy with the better half on Tuesday. Venice, Verona, Florence and Rome. Any tips and recommendations welcome.
  12. Both of those should be alright for me.
  13. When are we drafting for FF? I recognise it's still early like.
  14. :lol: The rest of the century. You blaming the wind for Norwood shitting it? Axis of the Earth, tbh. :lol:
  15. :lol: The rest of the century. You blaming the wind for Norwood shitting it?
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