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  1. Bit nervous if they get Hodgson, mind.
  2. My depression is back, once again triggered by a big move (house in Durham with girlfriend). Logically, it doesn't make sense - things are better than last time. And yet... here it is. 2 totally sleepless nights, can't be bothered to do anything and the thought of being sociable or outgoing repulses me. Obviously I'm made my stomach hurt so I'm barely eating. Wtf is this and why is my brain so cruel? Not sure who to turn to either because I didn't find phone therapy useful last time.
  3. Wood actually had some appeal, as Burnley's two look ok.
  4. Ketsbaia

    Chris Wood

    I'd prefer Wood over the Reims kid, so will just tell myself that Wood & Trippier cost £32m - £20m for Trippier, £12m for Wood
  5. Does everyone use the same first word or two to start each challenge?
  6. Ketsbaia

    Chris Wood

    Just seen this. FUCKING HELL
  7. Wood's worth the money just because it confirms Burnley's relegation. But Azmoun seems a no-brainer and we desperately need to have someone within 48 hours.
  8. Wasn't he class in our previous game, Man United?
  9. Badiashile would be preferred. Think he'll be class.
  10. Today changes nothing for me. Seen us suffer enough embarrassments (Stevenage, Oxford) and enough crisis weeks that somehow lead to a big win to think it'll happen again here.
  11. Dad's got this vendetta against ASM so he loved today.
  12. Might be a bad idea coming in this thread, if I deemed Twitter over-the-top I know it's unromantic but I really don't mind being out of the cup. First half, we dominated. Second half was bad. But I was already annoyed that ASM, Trippier and Joelinton were being risked in this match. Priorities 1, 2 and 3 are survival. Half this lot won't be playing during it. Let's get some players in
  13. Oops I Did It Again, i think.
  14. Like: Wijnaldum (loan), Isak, Badiashile, Kamara Not as much: Ramsey (loan), Cantwell, Diego Carlos Hard to bloody keep up though
  15. Really need to move on from Digne.
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