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  1. GW5 Wildcard, bought Reece James. Immediately benched v Spurs, then injured v Man City. GW7, bought the security of Rudiger so that James can become Dias. GW8, Rudiger injured so he makes way for Dias. James still in. Of course, Dias and James both benched as their teams secure clean sheets. FUCK. ING. HELL
  2. Would've been shocked if Rodgers ditched Leicester for us - they'll be ahead of us for another 2 or 3 years and I'm not surprised Man City are interested, he's really good.
  3. Each episode of Brassic gets me in a tizzy over Michelle Keegan, like. Outstanding.
  4. Ketsbaia

    David Squires

    Ahh great, you. Brilliant.
  5. Ketsbaia

    David Squires

    The media are pissing me off so much and this one has been added to the list.
  6. This is how Man City started things. Buy the 'best of the rest' from PL clubs, then slowly become a force. Tarkowski, Sarr, Aarons etc. Yes please.
  7. Ketsbaia


    Who the fuck are these again? I forget.
  8. I love her too much to perv on her.
  9. She's definitely read this forum because she's already going through the precise list we came up with What a beautiful angel.
  10. Had never heard of Fender before last night but he's gained a fan in me already There is a part of me that wants to be liked by other fans but (a) they didn't and (b) where did that get us? Nowhere. Now everyone else is stepping over each other to out-pretentious the rest about how disgraceful it is that the Geordies were partying and glorifying this evil Saudi regime. They can fuck off, honestly. Firstly, the celebrations are because Ashley is gone..... being rich is an afterthought. Secondly, let's not get started on how and where football is corrupt and morally questionable.
  11. Would rather not have Rafa, Howe or Keegan. Certainly not Gerrard. Brendan Rodgers would be fantastic but the ship has sailed there - no way is he leaving Leicester yet.
  12. Local Hero is giving me goosebumps today, especially seeing Sam Fender's video earlier. Fucking hell, man. The emotions.
  13. In January, pick off some unwanted guys from the elite like Asensio or Ramsey. Plus some young stars from Holland/Belgium/France. That sort of thing.
  14. Is there a clip of Keith Downie getting emotional earlier?
  15. Ketsbaia


    He does know it wasn't the American government who bought us, right?
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