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  1. Ketsbaia


    Another really good signing for them. They're definitely reaching the play-offs, like.
  2. Sooo.... Restaurant Week. I'm gonna head over and try a couple out but they're currently just a bunch of words to me Which deals are looking good? https://www.getintonewcastle.co.uk/ne1-events/restaurant-week
  3. Ketsbaia


    PIF are about to own my whole childhood (plus a few more years). Kinda mad, if you gave 14-year-old me a few billion the exact same would happen
  4. Glad that you both mentioned the fake spontaneity version Had a similar thought, where it's spun as "oh i wanted to get it right. you know me, i'm not very good" but maybe it's not convincing.
  5. My main resolution is to finally propose to my girlfriend, although I have no idea how ring shopping works. The process, the money, knowing what she'd want etc...... not the foggiest. I'm an immature 34-year-old but feel that serious things need to start happening with marriage, kids, buying a house, getting into driving etc. Would also like a job that I'm proud of - one that has me interacting with colleagues in-person. I'm a sociable guy and feel a bit devastated by being fully-remote.
  6. Ketsbaia


    Lewis Grabban vibes. Love it.
  7. FACT: By law, every UK television programme must now contain either Romesh Ranganathan*, Katherine Ryan*, Jermaine Jenas or Alex Scott. * I still like these two
  8. Ketsbaia


    Best/Favourite match: In future, the Final will probably be looked at as the match of our lifetime Best/Favourite goal: Nothing particularly stands out, maybe the Chavez free kick Best/Favourite player: Messi Best/Favourite moment for your team: Winning the World Cup Best/Favourite 'other' moment: All those Lukaku misses in quick succession Worst/Least favourite moment/anything: Having to write about it for work took away some of the joy, to be honest. Stress, deadlines, taking up weekends etc. Found a lot of the early weeks mind-numbingly boring too.
  9. Ketsbaia


    Know there's a long way to go but I'm still convinced they're going up. Jammy twats, as always.
  10. These unlimited free transfers hopefully went OK, was a chance to sort things out and lock in a long-term defence. It's now only really missing De Bruyne and Kane but you can't have 'em all!
  11. I've wanted Argentina to win all along (fuck England) but haven't really considered a scenario where France lose this.
  12. Fucking Morocco man Hopefully it's a France-Argentina final, the only one worthy, but the way this tournament is going it's probably Croatia v Morocco. Howay Messi
  13. I'm the opposite to most with this tournament - was really looking forward to it but was quickly bored by it. Didn't even bother watching England last night.
  14. A day of mixed emotions because Argentina finally squeezed through but losing Brazil is shit. Now that the stress is over...... what an incredible free kick by the Dutch. Ballsy as fuck. Still can't get over it
  15. Ketsbaia


    Chester le Street bias here. It's mostly mint. Kinda.
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