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  1. Ketsbaia

    The Job Thread

    The other half secured a job at Durham Uni, so it looks like I'm finally getting the move home However, I'm worried that I'll be jobless. If anyone has any contacts in copywriting, comms, production, general football/media journalism, please let me know
  2. Anything can mean anything if you try hard enough
  3. I think signing Bryan or Punk would finally get me to try AEW. Probably should already but this would be insane.
  4. Thanks for asking and remembering I've been back in London for a week and it's been much better than last time. Whether that's because I have company, anticipated the problem or am on sertraline this time, I don't know. The stress now is deciding what to do from September onwards - I'm getting a redundancy package and intend to move back home, but my girlfriend has a job down here that's about to return to office.
  5. That Barcelona kit is one of the worst in recent times, surely. Quite liking this Spurs one though:
  6. Think he's alright tbh. Imagine if he replaced Shelvey
  7. Not sure why they want Cantwell but ok
  8. Foolishly got curious about all these new pages but it just turns out we've got another wacko
  9. Onyeka is canny good, well jel of Brentford
  10. We turned down Zidane in 1996 so maybe we get him this time
  11. Surely the obvious tune should be to 'I Love You Baby' from 'Cant Take My Eyes of You'
  12. More and more horrible stories are coming out about the final. It'll set English football fans back years. So much reputational damage.
  13. Pills ran out last Wednesday so it'd be nice to get those up and running again.
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