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  1. I like to think I'm reasonably well read and try to keep track of what's going in the world but pretty much everything in this thread is more or less noise. I just have absolutely no idea what any of it is or means
  2. Don't know a lot I'm afraid.
  3. Karma Kitchen is actually canny but I did love the Rupali
  4. Vegan curry house in its place now, what is the world coming to eh.
  5. The likes of Maehle, Hateboer and Castagne have played wing back for Atalanta but always clearly looked like they were natural defenders who adapted to more forward play. I've literally never seen Gosens defend in an orthodox manner. He's always been more or less a flying winger his entire time in Italy and this has been the making of him as a player (going from a mid-table Eredivisie player to a starting German international). It's not to say he couldn't, I genuinely don't know, just perhaps asking a lot coming off injury and in a new country.
  6. With financial fair play you can't just write off money in the same way anymore - so this isn't entirely true. Everton have loads of money too but basically haven't been able to spend this season without shifting players first because of FFP. We have a lot of leeway because of past frugality and we needed a forward in our situation - but that doesn't mean you can't judge the fee.
  7. God we needed that. I said before the game I thought we were done if we didn't win - now we have a chance. Huge not just for the points but for the morale, momentum, even to help getting players through the door.
  8. Exactly. I think it will make a difference to whether we sign what we need before the window closes too.
  9. Think we basically have to win here or we're down.
  10. ponsaelius


    Total UK mortality for first week of January was 7% lower than the 5 year average. If a huge number and unprecedented number of the population tests positive Omicron then it goes without saying that a huge number of people will be recorded as having died within 28 days of a positive test. ICU numbers are lower than at any point they have been since July, and still falling - showing clearly the significant reduced strain on the NHS and the almost impossibility of it being overwhelmed by Omicron. Nevertheless - it is also self-evident that the restrictions being proposed to be lifted did/
  11. Lingard would clearly be a brilliant signing in our position.
  12. Chuffed with this. Very good appointment on the face of it.
  13. The thing with somebody like Diego Carlos is he's 28 and not exactly had a huge career before the last couple of years. He is likely more inclined to take a big pay day.
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