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  1. Looks a good player Caicedo but neither Bissouma or Cucarella have set the world alight have they (nor Potter yet). Maybe Brighton just make people look better than what they are.
  2. They play with no width. I don't know why but it seems to be by design as all the RB acolytes play the same way. The intensity never provides the benefits it should because they don't use space effectively.
  3. Nobody is paying a tangible fee for Fraser at his stage of his career, with his wages and with his injury record over the last couple of years. Don't forget he was a free transfer when we got him. His wages will therefore be above his ability level. Getting a club to effectively pay enough to buy him out of the rest of his contract would probably represent a success.
  4. Aye of course, sorry. Both of them were out on loan at Cov together though.
  5. As posted in other thread he's England team mates with 3 of them, played with Murphy at Cov and U21, and also was called up to U21 when Targett was still involved in 2016.
  6. I mean he would have played with Murphy at Cov and U21 level. The other three with England. He was called up to England u21 in 2016 so could also know Targett from there.
  7. I've always just gone up to pay the bill there like. Thought that was just how it worked.
  8. Can't see this happening personally. I'd imagine Dyche would want to keep him.
  9. Im not surprised the lad is desperate to leave after what happened with some of those knackers the other week mind.
  10. It's about balance though. We're controlling games and very solid defensively with the current system, but not scoring a lot because we don't have enough finishing quality in forward areas or the chances being created aren't of a high enough quality. A high XG doesn't mean much when chances are falling to Joelinton or they are the result of accumulation of lots of minor chances. I think the system needs tweaking even if it is to the detriment of our solidity. If 0-0s start stacking up that is likely to see us start to slip down the table.
  11. He usually does link up play pretty well IMO. He's just massively out of form and fitness tbh. Hope it's not permanent.
  12. Feel like it might as well be 5 days left since the last day is the day of the second leg.
  13. Fair enough. Point still stands in general though.
  14. Must say I've never agreed with the idea that players can't play against their parent clubs. I suppose there's a conflict of interest argument but ultimately it's a transfer and the lending club is usually paying wages and a fee. It seems ridiculous that Forest have to play Hennessey in such a big game. In Italy for example it is perfectly normal for loan players to play against their parent clubs.
  15. He's just not good enough in an attacking sense to play in the front 3 IMO. It massively inhibits our attacking potency.
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