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  1. No1, was just getting into football and loved the way Newcastle played in the league under Keegan.. no2, shearer signing wow what a player and last but not least i love the way you guys and girls talk.
  2. No asm? He hasn't done his usual social media post 🤷
  3. What a player. He's been outstanding
  4. Any over sea's channels showing it since sky sports aren't 🙄🙄
  5. Weznufc


    I don't, was just wondering
  6. Weznufc


    What's the corner exploit 🫣
  7. Weznufc


    Noticed that last night. Wtf are they playing at. 🤣
  8. Premier sports 1 has said they will be showing the game
  9. Good second half that, fully enjoyed that.
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