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    Steve Bruce

    got to admit, nice last piece of fuck you all by Ashley
  2. simpler to get someone in who's available right away rather than having to agree compensation with a club to get someone
  3. jdckelly

    Steve Bruce

    regardless of whether sacking Bruce is the right decision to brief to the media basically: "lol he sacked before Spurs" without having everything ready to go was a stupid idea rather than some non committal line like going to make a full assessment of the club etc etc then sack him when your ready
  4. jdckelly

    Steve Bruce

    officially I don't think they can but most do anyway via agents or whatever, see how quickly clubs generally have a replacement on hand when they sack someone mid season. Different post season as you aren't under pressure to get someone in so can do a more extensive search
  5. to say I'm fairly conflicted on this would be putting it mildly, fact is as unpleasant a person and bad an owner Ashley is and was he pales into insignificance in comparison to the current regime in Saudi Arabia. They are probably the most evil regime on Earth right now tbh or at least in the conversation for it and to have NUFC associated with them is troubling to say the least. Now this goes well beyond football as the fact that most Western Democracy's buddy up to KSA and sell them weapons they use vs Yemen is disgusting. Quite how its permitted for the likes of them (or any state) to buy a
  6. there is a big difference between a local guy buying the club he supports and pouring money into the club to win things and whats happening with nufc
  7. its fairly simple stuff for new owners to get fans onside by finding random roles for club legends ashley's ultimate mistake was giving keegan the manager job rather than honorary president or non executive board member or something if it was anyone else in the job at the time and the same events happen is there anything resembling the kind of complete break in the relationship between him and the fans?
  8. why did Belgium go for Martinez in the first place, he was hardly a top calibre manager when they hired him
  9. the only mention of ashley i've seen was a brief thank you to him for his commitment to the sale process
  10. to distract from tonights celebrations France have come from 2-0 down at half time to make it 2-2 with 20 minutes left vs Belgium
  11. not as if we didn't have a more than capable replacement on hand, Harper wasn't as good as Given but he was still a damn good goalkeeper
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