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    Formula 1

    dunno doesn't seem fair for hamilton to get a stop go penalty or whatever but still gets plenty of points (as well as a red flag to repair his car) while Verstappen dnf
  2. jdckelly

    Formula 1

    netflix still doing that drive to survive thing? they must be salivating with what they get out of this
  3. jdckelly

    Formula 1

    i am enjoying listening to the bullshit from both teams trying to protest their cases
  4. jdckelly

    Formula 1

    jesus that car is destroyed
  5. in dafter news the specs of the challenger 2 tank were leaked online because someone was unhappy with it in warthunder https://ukdefencejournal.org.uk/classified-challenger-tank-specs-leaked-online-for-videogame/
  6. hell of a job by Mancini mind, from not even qualifying for the world cup to euros champion in a few years and will be one of the favourites for the world cup
  7. half time, Italy came out a different team second half and Southgate was slow to respond
  8. I will point at Rashford, he's usually fairly decent on pens for man u and then he pulls that shite out for this? And missed! Saka and Sanchos were saved, fair enough shit happens but he missed and there is no excuse for missing
  9. if your going to send them on give them more than 30 seconds running around maybe 5 minutes?
  10. first 30 minutes or so it looked a no contest tbh England were getting behind Italy consistently and the Italians could do nothing going forward. Half time changed that and Southgate didn't really respond
  11. odd Shaw didn't take one, surely he should have been confident enough to take one having scored and all
  12. I really hate the fucking stutter bullshit of modern penalties and frankly any pen taken with a stutter should miss until the end of time. Just fucking hit it
  13. unlucky lads but this team will be there or thereabouts for the world cup next year
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