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  1. honestly if microsoft felt like it they could just buy sony, probably wouldn't get past regulators but thats the size difference between the companies Sony can't pull off these kind of deals
  2. jdckelly

    Dark Souls II

    get the mace as a weapon, tears through guys in that region with ease hell the mace is a great weapon for this game full stop
  3. also in slightly amusing trivia microsoft will now own crash bandicoot and spyro the unofficial mascots of the ps1
  4. Theres no way Sony can match it they couldn't even match buying Bethesda, they're a huge corporation no doubt but Microsoft is vying for biggest in the world with Apple
  5. maybe but they're out of the cup already so might be able to fit the villa game next time thats on without trouble
  6. eh depends on the type of quest in witcher 3, contracts yeah they're almost all brief detective mode to figure out what your going to kill then kill it get fuck all in rewards but the character side quests are some of the best around
  7. jdckelly

    Dark Souls II

    honestly this was my favourite of the three and I'm still sad they nerfed the lightning spell into the ground because I remember my first run through ripping through the game with complete ease using those
  8. jdckelly

    Comic book stuff

    yeah that's a problem with the movie still great movie great to see doc ock and green goblin again (good god Dafoe hit it out of the park in this)
  9. Finally got around to watching the new spider-man film, really liked it
  10. jdckelly

    Fallout 4

    kinda, its always online so can't slow down time so not the most effective thing
  11. jdckelly

    Fallout 4

    isn't that basically fallout 76?
  12. jdckelly

    Chris Wood

    I'd definitely wonder at how much the owners will allow to reinvest, they only bought the club recently in a leveraged buyout
  13. that second one is ridiculous should be a rule where if a goals is good enough it should count anyway regardless of offsides
  14. jdckelly

    Chris Wood

    also there is no way in hell Burnley would sell him to us had they any choice
  15. I'd say the main weakness of Persona games in general (well 3, 4 and 5 anyway) is it takes a bloody long time for it to let go of the handholding, 5 isn't as bad at this as 4 but jesus still takes a while before your let loose to decide what to do. Once you get going the mix of dungeon crawling, persona collection and fusion with the social sim stuff like hanging out with friends and trying to get good marks on exams is a surprisingly compelling one and it feels like a real achievement to clear the dungeons in 1 day so more time to focus on the social sim stuff. Plus the music and art style ar
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