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  1. bit odd the switch version is the one with online multiplayer while the xbox version has no online multiplayer but has dual stick controls
  2. every football fan is like that, though the manner of Gordon leaving would leave a bad taste in any fans mouth let alone for an academy product to do that while they're so much in the shit
  3. not entirely sure this is a good idea but hope to be proven wrong and for him to be a great signing
  4. Dyches the best choice for the current situation Everton tbh hard job but things are tight at that end of the table at the moment so get a few results and a little bit of momentum and they're way higher in the table. Bielsa's a great manager but I don't think he's the guy you bring in mid-season in their situation, he needs the pre-season to get the squad trained up for how he likes to play. What Everton really need is some stability they've chopped and change so often over the last few years but their current board seems utterly incompetent, hell even their shortlist seems more akin of oh he's well known lets go for him instead of any though process on how he'll fit in philosophy etc, what kind of recruitment campaign leaves choice 1 as Bielsa and choice 2 as Dyche who is a completely different style of manager
  5. iirc he was alright as a pundit that or i've blocked anything horrific from my memory
  6. jdckelly

    (Northern) Ireland

    jesus fucking christ but hey got them attention so mission acomplished
  7. two factors I grew up in the 1990s with Kevin Keegans team so that left an impression and I liked the newcastle brown ale sponsored shirt
  8. seems UEFA want to close a loophole in FFP chelsea have been using that you can't amortise player purchases over 7-8 years like they've been doing
  9. the sane choice for the short to medium term is Dyche, proven he can do wonders with £5 worth of budget and what they need now is to survive and build some solid foundations. Bielsa is the fantasy appointment but hard to see a man who does as much due dilegence as him going into Everton as they're currently run or even just to go in mid-season and I don't think he's the guy you want for the remainder of the season just to get enough points to stay up
  10. Fire Emblem Engage, gameplays great with some nice new additions to the combat mechanics like break (enough of a weapon triangle advantage that you stop the opponent from counter attacking) but story feels like a major step down on three houses so far and character design has some........interesting choices
  11. jdckelly

    Persona 5 - PS4

    I'd avoid P3 then because its not multiple well designed dungeons (though there is a monthly mini dungeon for lack of better a word and boss battle) and the only real dungeon is Tartarus which is the mementos prototype as the only real dungeon. Honestly playing backwards through the games is less than ideal as you notice immediately the lack features which later games added
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