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  1. Of course not. However they are on an upward trajectory and we are doing the opposite , we'll probably meet in the middle next season. And you know they will be more ambitious than us so while they aspire to rise and get better we will continue to sink and stink up what ever league we are in.
  2. Get the feeling we are going to score, wake up Leeds you useless bastards.
  3. Really hope that we lose badly. There are two cancers at the club, Ashley who the supporters who go to the games support and Bruce. We cant get rid of Ashley but if it's toxic enough maybe we can get rid of Bruce.
  4. Great assist by Bellingham, already England's best midfielder.
  5. Keep this twitter shit where it belongs in the brain dead thread. Every subject is now polluted with pointless stupid twitter crap, stop posting it.
  6. I do want us to get taken over, but not by the Saudi’s or the Taliban
  7. England's biggest problem apart from Southgate, is playing with both Rice and Philip instead of just one of them, the lack of a creative midfielder (Bellingham), having Walker as the starting right back and having both Mount and Sterling being completely ineffectual in most matches.
  8. Anything from Twitter should go in the braindead thread where it belongs, instead it's everywhere.
  9. I'd ban any fucker who posts twitter stuff on here.
  10. I don't believe that there will be a takeover involving the Saudi's and don't want one either. One day Ashley will sell the club and hopefully it will be someone who isn't a complete dick like himself, or a bunch of desert fascists who we have absolutely nothing in common at all. Might as well have the Taliban as PIF.
  11. Away Toon

    Steve Bruce

    Steve Bruce is an English football (soccer) manager and former player who has a net worth of $40 million
  12. Away Toon

    Steve Bruce

    Rafa apparently was paid 6m a year, Bruce is on a pittance relatively speaking. No decent manager is going to come here unless they get the going rate for managing in the premier league which Ashley doesn't appear to want to pay. I presume Bruce is the lowest paid manager in the league.
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