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  1. I think Gordon is a class signing. He’s so well suited to the way we play and has the on field personality to really be something special here. I think £45m will turn out to be great business. Ashby seems like he has everything on the ball and just needs to sharpen up the defensive side of his game, him being 21 is weirdly more exciting as he’s nearing his peak, so we’ll be able to see pretty soon what he’s all about and if we’ve picked up a disgraceful bargain. Selling Wood for £15m is incredible. We’ll possibly miss him but the gamble for that price is well worth it. Selling Shelvey for pennies I don’t understand at all . It’s so mental on the surface that I have to assume there’s something we’re just not being told. Either he’s physically declined rapidly since his injury, we’ve gotten more than a ‘nominal fee’, or something else (hopefully we’re in for a surprise signing out of nowhere). Removing Shelvey’s sale from the score I’d say 7/10. Great business but we’ve still failed to make the progress which will tip us over into a genuine elite team.
  2. But he isn’t injured now so it is a loss. If Bruno gets injured we have nobody who can pass a ball in midfield.
  3. If the local journalists are to be taken at face value we’ve just gave our only backup #6 to Forrest for next to nowt and don’t really plan on replacing him. It doesn’t add up, we’re making a massive mistake or we’ve got something lined up.
  4. It would be really weird to let Shelvey go without a replacement, we’ll surely bring an extra body in?
  5. He was talking about being the more advanced in a double pivot iirc. It was an old interview playing for a side with a different system, he might like the role he’s in now given how involved he’s allowed to be.
  6. His shot creating actions from winning balls in the final 3rd is among the best in the world. I didn’t want to flap on too much in the thread a few days ago when everyone was freaking out but it’s pretty obvious why we rate him and £45m could be a bargain.
  7. But if Howe starts him twice it extends a year, so it’s essentially 18 month.
  8. Thought he was really good last year, he was better than I thought he would be at nipping in and winning balls in the middle of the pitch and he was very tidy in getting the ball forward. A nominal fee seems a bit odd like given Forrest just paid £15m for Wood. He technically has over a year left on his contract so it’s not like Forrest could have just waited until the summer. We should be getting at least £10m for him surely?
  9. Cannot remember much of him in the Premier League but going by Dennis Wise scouting he looks more suited to the RCM role with Bruno remaining in the middle. Statistically a pretty poor passer but he otherwise seems like a giant Declan Rice who’s better in the final third.
  10. I’m amazed people don’t like journalists who constantly talk down to them like. It’s baffling, they’re beyond help those people.
  11. I mean in this case I agree, his tweet adds nowt as we’ve known Gordon is here for a day, but he’s quite clearly one of the most reliable voices on Twitter (outside of those who literally only comment on done deals) so using him as a ‘news aggregator’ makes sense.
  12. The restaurants have always been shite though, the yellow mall is the best it's been for food. It's not dark and dingy either @TRon It's bright as fuck. Not really my scene, it's full of CP Company/Stone Island toddlers but it's comfortably better than the majority of shopping centres down the country.
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