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  1. We might be trying to land a Jean Paul Gaultier sponsorship or something.
  2. In fairness I do think centre backs are a position where it's probably worth overpaying on. The ammount of shite CBs out there is ridiculous. Feels like finding a genuinely good one is harder than any other position.
  3. Just for reference, the players Stan is talking about here are Kieran Trippier and Chris Wood. He is aware of this. Why he has made these comments is anyones guess.
  4. Surely more to it like as I cannot imagine us turning Lingard for 6 months down at £3.5m like
  5. Yeah, I'm not sure what other people are seeing like but I think it's been clear most of the window that we're not doing too great. Our squad is absolute shite and outside of some obvious big money signings we seem to be really struggling to identify players. £25m and reportedly £80k a week for Wood is incredible. That's like 2-3 players worth of wages and transfer fees of Wood's quality
  6. Aye, there's always some modern, sexy version of football which we all want to play, like Total Football, Gegenpressing or Tika Tika, but a pragmatic, defensively solid side has pretty much been the basis of most Premiership sides since as far back as I can remember. Tony Pullis' Stoke were 'negative football'. I deffinitely want the sexy football myself though.
  7. Tagliafico - Gosens on the left and Trippier - ASM on the right could border on pervertion.
  8. Also Gosens and Tagliafico could both play together.
  9. A proper LWB is important if we ever want to go 3 at the back like, we need one. We need centre mids just to be able to play football at all like so they go top of the list.
  10. Unironically one of the greatest videos ever filmed. The second one coming into shot is pretty much comedy perfection.
  11. We've just bought Wood for £25m. I cannot imagine how much a CB in the Prem at the same standard of Carlos would cost us like.
  12. First Atletico, then Sevilla, we may as well go for Vinicius next.
  13. Hopefully this is a sign of something happening behind the scenes and the club stepping up the gears across the board.
  14. I'm completely straight but I'd fuck the man daft like
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