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  1. Heard reports saying essentially defensive but can actually create pretty well too so sounds a bit more box to box?
  2. Should he sign a player like this takes massive pressure off the defence too.
  3. Desperate to beat this lot and in the Gallowgate for it
  4. 7, huge win. Other teams will be shitting it now. A few key signings next week and I actually think we might be ok.
  5. what kind of dessert? 😂 Victoria sponge?
  6. Thats well summed up. I’m pissed off and deflated because I care again. I loved being back in the Gallowgate and singing again yesterday. Longterm I can see hope and ambition and I’m in it for the long haul which is key for me. I still feel pretty grim today though.
  7. I agree I think overcoming the Ashley effect and latterly the Bruce effect was always going to take a monumental effort. I did expect a greater improvement with Howe though particularly going forward. I think he’s got some big decisions wrong and our defence hasn’t been tightened up one iota. Ultimately though I just don’t think these players are good enough which is symptomatic of the Ashley regime over all these years.
  8. Just watched MOTD highlights. We really did go to pieces after scoring and to be honest Sissoko should’ve buried his chance after Lascelles cock up. The way we sat back inviting them on, players like rabbit in headlights. We should have gone for Watford to finish them off but players crumbled and Howe has to take some responsibility for this too. Wood has to do better in position leading up to the goal, we get down with a nice 1-2 but again Lascelles and our defence have to do better. Its a worry the lack of creativity going forwards with 1 shot on target against woeful opposition co
  9. Having been completely disengaged when Rafa left and while Bruce was here I’ve enjoyed rediscovering passion again. That result really was a hammer blow today though. A proper sucker punch. I sat feeling completely flat and emotionless in my local for a few pints at the bar.
  10. My brother who has played a bit of football and I’ll defer to regards footballing knowledge had concerns about Howe coming in. He was worried that the defensive side wouldn’t improve at all which desperately needed sorting. I think some of his concerns have been proved right so far.
  11. Yep this current team isn’t good enough to stay up.
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