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  1. It could do with not being overpowering like, but I like it. Agree that when there's a verse of whatever is being belted out by the crowd he shouldn't be blasting hey jude and forcing a change. Still a fan of hearing Blitzkrieg Bop, Moving On Up Now etc though, I wouldn't want it stopped altogether. Especially when the grounds deed at times anyway. Enjoyed House of the Rising Sun the other week as well
  2. Think I'll just be taking mine to every game, league included. Hope others do too, it's class.
  3. No doubt Eddie has them focused... they'll be under no illusions.
  4. Bet you're fun at parties. Everybody stop getting carried away having won the first leg of a semi final! If you can't get excited a d carried away now... I feel a bit sorry for you. Get as much enjoyment as you can out of our situation man.
  5. Wilson

    Fabian Schär

    Face in hands when this beauty went down early doors. I was certain it was a long term knee injury. What a player Clarke for me like.
  6. Murphy could have mooned him off the pitch and I'd still have thought he was within reason. Finding it very hard to remain diplomatic tonight
  7. Wilson

    Alexander Isak

    Pet hate how on nufc tv the players are always asked 'what about the fans?!?!'
  8. Wilson


    What does all of this mean?
  9. Wilson

    Alexander Isak

    He definitely didn't look like a lad carrying an injury tonight/unfit, I'd be happy for him to start next game given his contribution tonight compared to Wilsons. I'm not slating Wilson, but he's looked a bit off lately and a bit of reflection and competition might get him back to normal.
  10. Personally, I thought it was funny. If an opposition player did it to us... they'd be laughing and cheering. I'm in the mindset of fuck everyone that isn't us at the minute and if we're pissing people off, bonus.
  11. Wilson

    Nick Pope

    Imagine having to bust a gut for most of the game to get through the best defence in the league, only to be face to face with Nick Pope? Neeeeek Pope.
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