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  1. 6 nowt to the Fed today against Frickley. Played some good stuff, refreshing.
  2. Yeah it's had a few outings today. Pay to watch a Steve Bruce team, complain about Steve Bruce. I'm not sure what they expect if he does actually get sacked? Another glorious appointment on the same level as bruce/pardew/mclaren. Wonderful.
  3. Whoever the nackas are on nbc, forgot who's commentating now.
  4. 'it was going to be hendrick on but it's now krafth.... Great example of Steve Bruce thinking on his feet' Fuck my life.
  5. It's the way they come out with it that bugs me.... With an air of fuckin smugness.... Aye you cunts, just ignore the facts behind it to try to prove some kind of non-existent point.
  6. Nbc commentators reminding us that Rafa had a longer winless streak.
  7. Paying? For live sports? You're right like, we get slated off 90% of media, it's standard now so I tend to ignore it. As a famous man once said, it's like water off a ducks arse.
  8. Steve Bruce's inspirational half time talk disagrees.
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