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  1. Every time His little approving nod to himself man ha blatantly standing there thinking 'I'm fuckin class me like'
  2. Wilson


    What is it with them and shit? Post in thread 'NUFC Sportswashing 2022' https://www.readytogo.net/smb/threads/nufc-sportswashing-2022.1568214/post-35364306
  3. What a fucking buzz man Tremendous in the away end yesterday. The result can't be overstated, get the fuck in. Massive win, going to watch motd a few times today.
  4. Been in the milecastle since 9...I've missed the away days like, shame it'll be ruined by the football.
  5. They need that kid from the Fed, useless cunts.
  6. That's quite the sentence/question. But aye, could do without any fucker pulling away and gaining momentum.
  7. Aye, I'm not sure losing the game before kick off is the way to win this one like.
  8. 2 by 2's Gunpowder since a week or 2 ago, I'm genuinely unhappy about it.
  9. Athletic just popped up saying 2nd loan bid in....is that the one people have been talking about or is it another?
  10. Not so sure, if we stay up we're likely going to be a big threat to their position. I don't think they'll be in too much of a rush to help us out and will definitely prefer other options ..... if available.
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