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  1. Everton have just chucked money at it without a real plan. They've hired 2 DOF to my knowledge - Walsh from Leicester & Brands? It's still not worked, signing 3 CAMs one window alongside players who would be perceived risky was always a recipe for disaster. I think if you want to be successful you need longevity and a clear plan. You may have a season or two where expectations aren't met, but unless it gets really bad, I'm all for sticking to a specific manager/coach for a prolonged who is on the same page as the appointed DOF with a clear plan in place. Even if you change mana
  2. Christ, are we not allowed to hold an opinion other than they're absolutely perfect? They're learning on the job, I get that. What they've done for the city and the boost they've given thousands will never be appreciated more. But plenty has leaked; Ashworth, Emery, Trippier, Carlos, Botman - yes, leaks on transfers may well come from the seller, but let's not sit and pretend absolutely nothing has came from our end.
  3. Probably, but that doesn't change the fact everything has been leaked. Literally everything.
  4. Concerned another club may come in, but more concerned basically everything since PIF/Staveley/Reuben were first linked to NUFC has been played out very much in the public eye. Someone can't hold their tongue. Bets suspended on it being Mehrdad.
  5. He really has been a snip. If you look at the early pages in this thread, many echo my thoughts at the time. Feedback from mackems wasn't great either, but he's been absolutely fine - really good at times. The fact he's comfortable at both RB & LB is invaluable too.
  6. The Divisional games are set up really nicely I think. Can make a decent enough case for all 8 teams making the Conference game, so it should be a decent weekend. Had a look at the betting odds, all fairly tight. Should be a good weekend, NUFC aside.
  7. Chrissy Houghton is a lovely bloke too.
  8. Kane was nothing, if I remember correctly- Sherwood was caretaker or something and had a bit of a striker crisis, so had to play him. Similar situation with Rashford I think, can't remember much fanfare about either (certainly not on FM ) prior to them breaking into the squads or as youngins, although I could be wrong. They got in by accident and have stayed there - makes you wonder how many kids/young players just need a run of games, there'll be 1000s that slip through.
  9. Me included! I thought he was going to stifle his career. It's almost as if Pep Guardiola with his 30 trophies as a coach knows more than me.
  10. To be fair, wasn't the stick Pep took directly in relation to Foden? Think Pep's argument was he's better off around first-team training, and it looks to be correct in this instance. I am pro-loan too though, I suppose Foden is once in a generation sort of talent.
  11. Good insight 1878, I can remember years ago when we linked to Adam Nonceon from Man City and being fucking buzzing, whereas Man City fans were commenting on how he's a pure MOTD player and will only look good for 10 minutes a game or something. It's important to listen to what that set of fans say about a specific player/manager as they watch them week in, week out. We only see glimpses and it can give a distorted perspective of the situation. Obviously in this case I knew it was bad (Rafa at Everton) but your posts really do summarise it well. I absolutely loved him here to the po
  12. Agreed, it's very important we win to build a bit of momentum after the great performance against Man Utd, however I do think with us having a huge couple of games in the league I'd certainly not be starting ASM or Joelinton (don't actually think the former is fit anyway?), and I definitely wouldn't play Trippier After everyone was buzzing for the Brentford game with it being the first for Howe, only for COVID to strike, it would be sod's law for Trippier to play tomorrow and do his ankle or something, such is our luck. I'd probably go; Woodman, Krafth, Lascelles, Clark, Ritchie
  13. Chicken Dancer


    I don't have any opinion. I respect their human right to refuse something. I also have absolutely no problem sharing a room with someone who hasn't been vaccinated either, as I have. Sadly, the us v them mentality that the government want, is happening before our eyes.
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    Mate, if you and the family feel safe - have them round! Christmas is such a joyous time, and not to be morbid, but parents aren't getting any younger. Last Christmas was taken away from us, probably right at the time, but we've all (most of us) complied and done everything that's been asked for 21 months now and to potentially be hit with more restrictions. This is all well and good if they themselves actually adhered. Fucking scumbags. Easy to remember they work for us. Not the other way round. You do what you and your family want to do. Life is far too short and precious to list
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    As I've said in the football section, I've lost a brother this year. A brother who would have been running round Newcastle with his dick out when takeover got announced. A brother I shared a season ticket with since I was 10, until Bruce was appointed. A brother that I, and most of my family didn't see for huge parts of last year due to restrictions. All the while, these incompetent, lying, horrible bastards were having parties and laughing at us. I've complied. I've worked from home, worn masks, been jabbed (no booster), missed family weddings, watched my wife have her 30th birthd
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