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  1. Zapata latching on to crisp through balls from Bruno G... Dreams
  2. 10million for him would be steal imo. He has done very well for Brighton
  3. Seems the most reasonable, but also at the same time. They still havent really managed to cut down their wages yet so that would be an interesting discussion.
  4. Tbf I reckon our scouting is through Football Manager as now considering how lean we were run - But yeah you would imagine that in the midtable teams around the leagues in Europe there is someone better than Clark.
  5. Very true. But in the metric of overpaying, the Wood deal is way worse FFP wise, in my opinion of course. But either way. If we want to get out of this mess we need to spend whatever we can.
  6. 25 million for a 30 y/o wood is a much worse deal for this than a 28 cb that is both much needed and is in form
  7. if Wood is worth 25, then 25 more for a important player for Sevilla that has had a fucking blast of a season is steady on.
  8. Also, what happens when we get a DOF and he wants to get rid of him due to wanting people with higher reputation or better resumes? Its too iffy for me like.
  9. worthy

    Chris Wood

    25 million and 80k a week for what he has shown us so far is pretty atrocious. I don't know what you guys can see in a man that is on the wrong side of his 30s and in the worst form in PL of his career. But please I want to know so I can get om the same train, what are you guys seeing?
  10. worthy

    Chris Wood

    The thing that gives me a sour taste is 25 million and 80k on this lump. I mean it's nothing but at the same time we will never be able to offload him for the 2 years, denting in to our FFP budget
  11. After watching it again. ASM should 100% had a pen. We have had plenty of way softer ones given. But as per usual. VAR fucks us over
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