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  1. We have a kitchen, but it’s currently on fire. The Restaurant Manager’s job will be easier the quicker someone puts it out.
  2. I genuinely think we’d be better off sacking him and just letting the players organise themselves, he’s that bad.
  3. I read somewhere not long after the takeover happened (can’t remember where) that suggested this had happened.
  4. Of our top 10, would be a stretch to say only three have been a success? Shearer, Wijnaldum and Wilson? Wilson being a perma-crock makes it difficult to say it’s been a complete success.
  5. Not a chance we’re at training today
  6. https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/newcastle-united/transferrekorde/verein/762 Joelinton, Willock & Owen according to Transfermarkt.
  7. This absolute helmet is nowhere near Pardew’s levels btw. That smarmy cunt would’ve won yesterday. Yesterday is one of the worst performances I’ve ever seen live and that’s no exaggeration. Considering the positivity around the club yesterday and the possibility of riding a wave against a really poor Tottenham side, yet serving up that absolute shit. To completely misread the game as much as he did throughout was impressive. Can’t remember the last time I watched a team try and defend a 3-1 defeat. Didn’t put any pressure on the ball, try and get any foot in
  8. Doesn’t help it seemed the entire game plan was to lump long balls up to him. Presumably just because he’s tall. During the warm up, he looked like a solid player. He even hit a ball with power behind it. Put him in the match and he looks a complete donkey. I’m going to reserve total judgement until we have a proper manager in. Longstaff, Hayden, Lascelles, Manquillo... they all looked like competent PL players under Rafa. Under Bruce they barely look Championship standard.
  9. If he doesn’t go today, that’ll be their second mistake, after not sacking him last week. Three points down already on what we should have, we can’t afford to keep losing these.
  10. Knows the team sheet most weeks. Not so good on takeovers. TBC regarding sackings.
  11. It’s not a total surprise we are pathetic defensively when our two best defenders are sat on the bench.
  12. “Steve stabilised Newcastle and kept them up during a turbulent period. He did a great job under difficult circumstances.”
  13. Wonder how often he’ll be over for matches? His day job is probably fairly full on Can’t imagine he’ll be skipping over to watch us against Burnley on a Tuesday night.
  14. The man deserves his own thread. Welcome. What a reception he got today.
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