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  1. I think a Shearing’s holiday coach has broken down and all these old fogeys are congregating on here for safety until they can find a new driver to take them onto their destination of Mablethorpe.
  2. Most of these other incidents aren’t even cardiac arrests. I can understand stopping the game if we’ve got CPR going on not far from the pitch (and potentially a viewing TV audience), but that isn’t the case for the majority.
  3. Having seen how tragic James Maddison is and dresses, it absolutely would be said.
  4. @manorparklooks like you and @Gemmillwill get on a treat. Wonder if he knows he just needs to W A I T !
  5. Hope this new onslaught of members brings a few negative folk in.
  6. Ramsey is absolutely not the CM answer. Would play about 3 games and be injured for the rest. If we bring him in, it would have to be in addition to another competent midfielder.
  7. Someone might need to go across and check on RTG. They’re all still convinced we’re going to become dwarfed by Inter Milan.
  8. I didn’t realise but he’s scored 50 goals and has 29 assists in 174 games (based on his minutes played / 90 min) across his career. Not bad considering he’s often been a bit-part player for Man Utd. Averaging a goal or assist just over every 2 games. Starting to convince myself he’ll be a really good signing. Would be miffed if he does well and then fucks off in the summer to somewhere shit like West Ham though.
  9. Worse than? @Tubestationatmidnight @CalmintheChaos @Fitzgerald @County Durham Mag @TheAlien He must be back on here after the takeover btw Can’t wait for him to break his disguise.
  10. Bring back the Toon Ultras.
  11. Not sure if I’d rather Lingard or Alli. Lingard clearly doesn’t want to come here, or even if he does he’ll be off in the summer. Not sure that’s the level of commitment we need right now. As I said before, apart from a good 6 months at West Ham, he’s been a complete laughing stock for the rest of his career. A two year goal draught at Man Utd and they used to ridicule him. Alli is a weird one. Clearly very talented but has spent the last few years more interested in his social media than his football. Would love him here if he actually wants to get involved
  12. Massive concerns if the Bakker deal has collapsed unless that’s because we’ve found someone better. That one was supposed to be straightforward.
  13. I too was a Sunday Leaguer. It’s still a thing I used to love it.
  14. I worry that we’re recruiting the wrong way round. I’d rather install a CEO, DoF and other senior roles first and then work down the chain to the manager. This appears to be that we’re giving Howe a huge amount of say (based on some of the reported transfer targets coming from him and now this). That’s not a problem, as long as Howe and the people he surrounds himself are actually good enough to kick us on. Could work out well, could go belly up. But that’s the case no matter what they do it. I’m not totally convinced by Howe but happy to see how we grow under him and
  15. Are we just bidding for everyone now and seeing which one comes off?
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