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  1. Fantail Breeze

    João Pedro

    Depends if the add-ons are achievable or over a short period of time I suppose.
  2. Palace are a weird side, feel like they do really well in spells but dreadfully in others without ever looking in trouble or in any danger of achieving anything.
  3. Fantail Breeze

    João Pedro

    We need to stop saying shit like this Nobody is asking us to bend over backwards, just pay a realistic fee.
  4. I’d take a trial by social media with a pinch of salt like. Not saying he didn’t do it at all, but to speak about it with certainty is equally dangerous.
  5. How could it possibly be quicker face-to-face than picking up a telephone, unless he’s permanently in the same room as them? You get worse by the day
  6. Sounds like the perfect personality for the state Man Utd are in.
  7. Love it when people say stuff like this, as if it’s impossible in 2022 for him to do that from KSA. Must be why we’ve not signed anyone, he needs to be here face-to-face.
  8. Time will tell on that one. Club clearly have confidence he won’t be charged, can’t imagine Arteta playing him otherwise. Don’t think they’re anywhere near as bad as the mackems.
  9. Love that Gerrard and Lampard are both being found out and the media are going to have to fall over themselves to protect them
  10. They don’t seem to have the personalities that they had before though, this team is very likeable. Think they’ll get top four personally.
  11. Even if he did they’re not going to sell him for the bargain basement price we’re offering.
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