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  1. He’s had about 30 accounts on here Has he ever left? Anyone who had browsed the forum for even the last 12 months would know all about tubes. Incorrect.
  2. Not attending matches. Packed in my ST after not missing a game for many years. Attempting to join in whatever protest/movement that is available. Encouraging protest, hopeful that one day NUST will listen to their fans and grow a backbone. Refusing to purchase anything from the club shop (or where known, any of Ashley’s tat shops), although I may accidentally due to his wide ever spanning portfolio. Let me know if I can do anything else, I’d be delighted to.
  3. Seems to have worked for Man Utd. When have we ever tried something as significant as they did? What a complete overreaction. You clearly missed the point.
  4. Hence the word ‘accepting’. There should have already been signings. It’s pathetic that there hasn’t been. We survived last year because of individual quality and one of them isn’t even here anymore. Accepting that there won’t be any movement before August is part of the problem. There should be hell on. There isn’t. Great result for Ashley.
  5. Ashley must weep with joy when he sees fans as accepting as this.
  6. Far to eloquent to be tubes. Welcome Stick to the opinions of the forum clique (i.e. don’t have any opinions) and you’ll get on fine and dandy. Your welcome pack will arrive in the post.
  7. Please tell me it’s tubes spent the last few weeks reading a dictionary to put us off the scent. The username is a bit tubesy.
  8. Fuck me This’ll be the worst summer yet. Good job Mike is on our side though. Don’t worry about the squad, manager or facilities because he’s fighting for a takeover that is probably already dead. Like ignoring your house burning down because you want to save the lottery ticket in the garden that you don’t even know if it’s a winner.
  9. I refer you back to the ignore function. PS - you sound a bit worked up.
  10. Sadly that was the result of a good manager vs an average to poor one. I’ve defended Southgate a lot this tournament and admit he’s done well to get us to the final, but his tactical limitations were there for all to see. His in game management is atrocious and it cost us again. Sadly the overall performance in the tournament will keep him in a job/even earn him praise. On a side note, football once again bringing out the utter morons. Idiots attempting to break into Wembley followed by other idiots positing racist comments. Thick as pig shit, stop associati
  11. This is where you’re totally wrong. I couldn’t give a toss how people react to my posts, as I’ve said countless times, there is an a useful ignore function if people can’t stop getting so worked up over someone else’s opinion on the internet. That part of your post also contradicts the first part, if people didn’t care for Keith - they wouldn’t feel the need to be so defensive and get so worked up.
  12. Are you a child? Not a true fan because we think Keith is a muppet? If this takeover happens (which I’ve always been very clear is exactly what I want to happen), it’ll have absolutely nothing to do with Keith. The bloke is a fantasist. If anything the bigger ‘crime’ would be purposely sending out false information to fellow fans and pretending you know more than you do, to raise your own social media profile.
  13. I can’t imagine the other owners would be impressed at the Government forcing through a takeover of NUFC. Some of those owners who also spend millions on the areas of their clubs. They might get a (much needed) cash injection to Newcastle, but lose many others in the process.
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