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  1. As percentage probability to get relegated it would be: Norwich 80% Watford 75% Burnley 65% Newcastle 38% So currently the odds imply we are more likely to stay up then get relegated
  2. He got a lot more right than wrong today. Generally think he has tried to address our tactical failings from one match to next and it's slowly moving in right direction. Looked to be very clear about keeping compact in midfield and not getting pushed back too deep late on. Also liked that we looked to slow game down whenever possible which helped break up Leeds momentum.
  3. Thought we've done well enough and tactically got it spot on, still got the same glaring problems in most positions and Big Joe getting injured a disaster but more confident of getting something out of this now than beforehand
  4. Shelvey's good points are rendered irrelevant by his bad points but there is still nobody else to play instead of him, think we might actually need a new CM
  5. If we lose this then I'm driving to Dundee in my bare feet
  6. Think the Dean Smith comparisons are misleading given we have had a significantly harder run of matches than they have - and they would have lost one more and we won one more if not for Ciaran Clark
  7. If we did go down think I'd prefer him to stay (depending on how badly rest of season goes obvs) but I think he will almost certainly be gone - first press conference he was very clear his remit was to keep team in PL and if he fails at that then doubt he will be afforded any patience - could even go before end of season if situation is looking perilous and owners fancy trying a new manager to bounce us out of it
  8. Somewhere between 5 and 6 seems about right for me currently, could increase a good bit depending on what happens on and off pitch in next few weeks though
  9. Dandy Man


    Hard to see past Medvedev in the mens draw, playing at a very high level, NK lost head bit at end as per usual today but Med was crazy good for most of it
  10. Pretty hard to spin that small snippet any other way than he is not leaving, he is literally saying "I will stay here a long time"
  11. Caught the last 15 minutes or so and thought he looked very impressive all round from what little I saw, I'm sold, get him in
  12. We won't get anyone in before Leeds and we will most likely lose that match, seems highly likely we will (eventually) get several new players in before end of month and at worst we are probably 50/50 to go down. Whatever happens we will be in a better position than if Ashley and Bruce were still here and the world will keep turning.
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