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  1. Mole_Toonfan


    Simple, they weren't.
  2. Last night was Even outside of Zion being stupidly good pretty much all the new players were great, i was really impressed by the Italian we brought in from Fenerbahce. Seems really skilled, the lineups with him, Zion and Lonzo were stupidly good.
  3. Obviously there's downsides to them right now, but they have too much talent for me to really put anyone else over them except for Milwaukee. If Durant was healthy it would be a different story.
  4. They're favourites but i don't feel like it's overwhelming like Golden State were. I'm kind of meh on the East though, feels like a Philly-Milwaukee 2 horse race. Indiana, Boston, Miami, You and Brooklyn will all be decent but when it comes down to it i can't take them too seriously. The West though, there's at least 10 "good" teams.
  5. He has Kaka, he said yesterday he's been working with our Coaches all summer to get his shots more consistent. I'm expecting more from him than i am than any other Laker we got tbh.
  6. It's Obsidian so i can't see them going the greedy Microtransaction route tbh, it will be buggy though most likely yeah. As long as the characters, world, quests etc etc are interesting i genuinely don't care about the rest.
  7. I feel the same about this much in the same way i feel about Cyberpunk, now i have the release date i don't need to see anything else. I know i'm buying both games immediately so i don't really want to watch any of the trailers.
  8. Mole_Toonfan

    Star Wars

    Significantly better trailer than the first one, alludes to some of the GOW/Metroid Prime type level design and some teases for some big bosses.
  9. Having an insane amount of fun since the update, most of the roles seem pretty threadbare at the start but as you go through it so you start to notice how much there is to it. Not to mention there's way more interesting random events ( much less PVP and more PVE) all of which combines to a much more fun experience for me. Look forward to what the future holds.
  10. Yes. Framerate massively drops at times, characters repeat the same voiceline from a mission you've already finished and overall it's just really buggy. I even had a instance where the image of a gun with stats on it was stuck in the middle of my screen for over 5 minutes so i couldn't see what i was shooting at. I would be really frustrated if i wasn't playing with friends, but something about playing with friends means it just turns into a laugh and you shrug it off.
  11. It's really fun, unfortunately it's also one of the buggiest games i've played in years
  12. I've been enjoying it since the update for what it's worth.
  13. Online before today's update ( i have no idea if it will change things) has been very threadbare. You can have fun for a while, but eventually you just run out of things to do. I'm hoping the update will change that, i'm looking for excuses to want to like it.
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